Man held for murdering mother and brother in Mumbai

Gopalnath, 47, was arrested for the double murder after he confessed to the crime.

Mumbai: Three days after an elderly woman
and her mentally unstable son were found murdered at their
residence here, the family`s elder son was arrested on Friday on
charges of double murder, police said.

On Tuesday night, 79-year-old bedridden Radhabai
Shivaramakrishnan and her mentally unstable son Jairam were
found in a pool of blood at their first floor residence in
Navjyoti building in suburban Ghatkopar.

Police said the probe did not suggest that robbery was
motive behind the murders as no object was touched in the

This led to investigations if the killings were the
outcome of personal enmity, they said.

Following this, Radhabai`s elder son Gopalnath (47) was
arrested for the double murder in the wee hours today after he
confessed to the crime. An iron rod used in the crime is yet
to be recovered, C V Zendekar, Senior Inspector at Ghatkopar
Police Station said.

Suspicion grew on Gopalnath after he repeatedly changed
his version and his mother and brother rarely used to interact
with neighbours.

Gopalnath used to do all the household work, from washing
clothes to cooking food, in addition to working as a personal
assistant to the Mumbai University Vice Chancellor.

"He was not married and very frustrated as he has been
serving his mother and brother since years. He wanted to
settle down in life because of which he planned to get rid
of his mother and brother," he added.

Post mortem reports have also indicated that the duo were
murdered between 5.30 and 11 am on Tuesday and Gopalnath had
left home at 9 am for his office.

"Gopalnath had woke up at around 5 am after which he
killed his mother by strangulating her using a dupatta and
later attacked his brother with a iron rod on his head,
leaving him dead," the officer said.