Mum: Rains hit flights; main runway out of bounds

Heavy rains played havoc at Mumbai airport on Saturday, forcing suspension and diversion of many flights.

Mumbai: Heavy rains played havoc at the
city`s airport on Saturday, forcing suspension and diversion of many
flights, even as the main runway remained out of bounds for
the second day as the Turkish plane stuck in the mud could not
be towed away due to inclement weather.

The main runway N8 is expected to be reopened for regular
operations by 23.00 hours instead of 17.00 hours as stated

"The NTOAM (notice to air men) for the main runway
closure has been extended to 23.00 hours as the efforts
towards towing away the Turkish plane continued to get
disrupted due to incessant rains," the spokeswoman for Mumbai
International Airport said.

She also said heavy rains have brought down visibility
below minimum on the secondary runway, forcing suspension of
some flights and diversion of six flights during the day. This
has also increased the average delay in arrivals and
departures of upto 60 minutes.

"Continuous rains in the airport area has made the ground
near the main runway slushy, preventing movement of equipment
to tow away the stranded plane," she said.

An aircraft from Istanbul, with 104 passengers and crew
onboard, had overshot the main rapid exit taxiway in the wee
hours yesterday. The landing gear of the Airbus 340 got stuck
in the mud near the main runway, disrupting flight operations.


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