Mumbai: DGCA orders inquiry into AI`s mishap

The DGCA has ordered a probe into Air India plane mishap in Mumbai while landing at high speed.

Mumbai/New Delhi: The DGCA has ordered a
probe into the near mishap in which 121 people onboard an Air
India plane had a miraculous escape when the aircraft`s tail
hit the runway in Mumbai while landing at high speed.

The aircraft`s two pilots, including a female commander,
have been derostered from flying duties following the incident
yesterday, sources in Mumbai said on Tuesday.

The sources said the pilots may not be allowed to fly
again until the DGCA report is out so that necessary
correctional training could be given to them.

An Air India official said the Directorate General of
Civil Aviation (DGCA) ordered the inquiry following the
incident which occurred at 8.30 AM while the plane(AI 614) was
landing at the Mumbai airport from Ahmedabad during which the
tail scraped the runway at high speed.

"The matter has gone to the DGCA. There will be an
inquiry shortly. We have to wait for the DGCA report. It seems
to be a matter of tail strike which occurs when a pilot flies
the aircraft above a certain prescribed angle," the official

The DGCA is expected to take a serious note of the
incident, especially because the speed of the aircraft
while landing was over 250 kmph, sources said.

"The exact reason will be known only after the DGCA
report. But it seems to be a miscalculation by the pilot that
led to the aircraft not touching down at the correct angle,"
the official said.

Civil Aviation Minister Ajit Singh said he has asked for
a report from the DGCA.

"There are norms and procedures which have to be
followed," he told reporters in New Delhi when asked about the