Narendra Modi at Pune rally: As it happened

Congress has become arrogant, Narendra Modi said while addressing a rally in Pune.

Zee Media Bureau/Biplob Ghosal

3: 58 pm Modi concludes speech with ‘Bharat Mata Ki Jai’ slogan

3: 57 pm: On the strength of the people we can take India to newer heights, says Modi

3: 56 pm: I have faith in the people of this country and I promise that we live for you and devote our for you, says Modi

3: 55 pm: Addressing the supporters, Modi says, it is your blessings and path of truth that I am standing in front of you, otherwise the Congress is trying everything to book me

3: 54 pm: Congress president and Delhi CM are woman, but still the national capital is not safe for the females – asserts Modi

3: 53 pm: I am travelling to every part of the country and getting the feeling that it is difficult for the Congress to come back to power. There is an anti-Congress wave in the country, says Modi

3: 52 pm: Modi says Congress promised to bring prices down in 100 days but have failed to do so. He furher asks the crowd whether prices have come down

3: 51 pm: People of Gujarat saw work of BJP government & they were not influenced by Congress lies - Modi

3: 50 pm: Congressmen keep saying negative things about me. In 2012 December, Gujarat voted BJP to power for the third time.

3: 49 pm:Congress tried to get me entangled in court cases, put CBI after me - Modi

3: 47 pm: UPA government should be taught a lesson- Modi

3: 46 pm: What Cong promised to do in 100 days, they haven`t been able to do it even after 100 months, says Modi

3: 45 pm: Take speeches of UPA leaders, in last 9 years, have they answered the people what they did in their tenure: Narendra Modi

3: 44 pm: Congress leaders have said nothing new in their election speeches - Modi

3: 43 pm Modi asks the people assembled at the rally - Should a Government not give answers to the people. Do people not have the right to know - Modi

3: 42 pm: Nation has seen the models of development of all parties. They know what happens when a party rules, says Modi

3: 41 pm: Nation has seen governments by various parties - Communists, Congress, regional parties, coalitions - Modi

3: 40 pm: It is democracy. In Delhi there should be a servant not a ruler, says Modi

3: 39 pm: I promise to the nation that when country will elect the BJP to power, the party will give their governance report card to the people of the country - Modi

3: 38 pm: Modi taunts Manmohan Singh, says the govt is busy in asking what Modi is doing

3: 37pm: When BJP was in power, poor had food twice in a day; whenever Congress/Congresss-supported Govt came to power poor suffered due to inflation - Modi

3: 36 pm: Congress has become arrogant, doesn’t even answers the media; the party only knows how to level allegations - Modi

3: 35 pm: Media is not able to question Rahul Gandhi - Modi

3: 34 pm: The country has witnessed many models of governance, but BJP has been the best - Modi

3: 32 pm: BJP has always improved the situation in states, wherever we had had the opportunity to serve – Modi

3: 31 pm: Parameters should be laid for all state govts to see which party did what for public welfare, says Modi

3: 30 pm: Modi begins speech

An advance team of the Gujarat Police along with the Maharashtra Police arrived in the city yesterday to oversee the security preparations.

Modi was received by Maharashtra BJP chief Devendra Fadnavis.