No decision benefiting common man taken by BJP govt: Maharashtra CM Prithviraj Chavan

Chief Minister of Maharashtra, Prithviraj Chavan said on Tuesday that no decision benefiting the common man had been taken by the BJP-led NDA government.

Mumbai: Chief Minister of Maharashtra, Prithviraj Chavan said on Tuesday that no decision benefiting the common man had been taken by the BJP-led NDA government.

He also said that the impact of 100-days of NDA government would be seen in the upcoming Assembly elections.

He posted the following on the micro-blogging site Twitter:

At the same time he took a dig at PM's sppech, which would be broadcast live, on Teachers Day.

The comments by Chavan comes in the wake of Narendra Modi-led government's completion of hundred days in office.

The BJP won a spectacular victory in the 2014 Lok Sabha polls and won 182 seats on its own and crossed the 300 mark along with its allies.

Modi took oath as the Prime Minister on May 26.

Earlier in the day, Congress spokesperson Anand Sharma too, at the AICC briefing dubbed Modi as a "dream merchant", who came to power by selling "false hopes" and dismissed the 100 days of his rule as high on rhetoric and low on performance.

"Modi sold false dreams, that cannot be realised. He promised all things to all people. Rahul Gandhi did not do it. He did not give false assurances and refused to be a dream merchant. Rahul is sincere and hence he did not do all this," he said, as reported by PTI.

Alleging that BJP captured power by making lofty promises and selling unrealistic dreams, he said the 100 days story of this government has proved to be "disappointing."

He also said the government's functioning has, so far, been "characterised by non-fulfilment of promises, undermining of institutions, compromising of administration and governance and promotion of work culture nurtured by distrust and fear".

Sharma asked the PM to "explain why 18 of his ministers are facing serious criminal charges compelling the Supreme Court to observe that it is for the Prime Minister to ensure that those having criminals charges are not promoted. He is the head of the government. Why he brought such people in the Cabinet?"

Expressing concern over the situation along borders with Pakistan and China, Sharma said there were ceasefire violations day in and day out from Islamabad, which was witnessed only before the Kargil conflict.

Attacking the government on the black money issue, he said while BJP and its then Prime Ministerial candidate promised to bring back black money, which was according to them to the tune of 85 lakh crore, "even 85 paisa are yet to come while the government is completing 100 days".

He said this amounted to a "fraud with people", who were "misled".

A day after party President Sonia Gandhi attacked the government on price rise, Sharma took it forward by concluding that "tomatoes have became costlier than diesel and petrol" as food prices rose in the NDA regime and questioned why Modi has not been able to control prices when it is their government.

"Government data itself shows that food inflation rose to 9.36 per cent in July from the previous 7.90 per cent in June," he said.

"The past 100 days point to nothing but over promise and under delivery on the part of the Prime Minister," he said.

Sharma also accused the government of "systematic and planned subversion of institutions, which are bedrocks of democracy" while citing the examples of the government rejecting the name of former AG Gopal Subramaniam for appointment in the apex giving a "snub" to the collegium system of the Supreme Court.

"Why are you playing with institutions," he said alleging that "even ministers were cut to size and each of them stand belittled" having no power even to appoint their PS and wondered whether a "silent shift" from Parliamentary to Presidential form of government was happening.

"The government is claiming credit for 5.75 per cent GDP growth rate for the first quarter of the current financial year as one of the biggest achievement in 100 days. They have conveniently forgotten that the figures are for the first quarter (April 1 to June 30) during which they were in power only for 35 days and UPA was for 55 days.

"If they have done this in 35 days, then our country should surpass China very soon," he said sarcastically and asserted that the government should have the "decency" to accept the good work done by the previous government.

"The shameless exercise of renaming and plagiarising the initiatives and schemes of UPA government for taking credit should be replaced by concrete steps that involves actual governance rather than mere perception management and media manipulation," he said dubbing the government schemes as "as no game-changers, only name changers"

Sharma also attacked the government accusing it of maintaining "silence" towards "extreme sectarian and divisive politics" with the aim of "polarising voters". He also attacked the Modi cabinet on women security issue.

With PTI inputs

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