Projects worth Rs 10,000 crores are with me: Rege

Rajaram Rege was looking to gain intimacy with Headley to bag some multi-billion Indian contracts for US companies.

Chicago: While David Headley wanted to
make friendship with Rajaram Rege so as to gain access to Shiv
Sena, the latter apparently was looking to gain intimacy with
the Mumbai terror accused to bag some multi-billion Indian
contracts for US companies.

"If anybody from USA or any country wants a venture or
invest in India I am the ideal person for them. Projects worth
Rs 10,000 crores sanctioned by government are with me. Are you
getting my point?" Rege wrote in an email to Headley on May
19, 2008, according to a copy of the email produced in the
court by federal prosecutors.

Rege went ahead to lure Headley to get him big
contacts in India because of his strong political connections.
"As you know that I am politically and socially very
well connected here in Bombay (Mumbai), Gujarat and Delhi.

Delhi is the place here central govt of India (Prime Minister
India) rules. I have very strong personal relations with
people ruling Mumbai (Maharashtra), Gujarat and Delhi," he

"There are lots of projects in thousands of crores
(Indian rupees) regarding constructions, dams, canals, power,
medicine, education etc lined up," he wrote.

The email refers to some detailed conversation between
Headley and Rege about their joint future projects.

"If we recollect about our plans that I need to come
there and give presentations and conferences with people there
and generate funds. Please make a detail project report so
that we can start our work on it gives business to you as well
as to me," Rege wrote.

"One more thing. How is IT field there? If you have
really good contacts in very top companies on a very high
level then I would like to disclose my information to you. I
am myself computer science engineer with 16 years in IT," Rege

Headley told federal prosecutors that he sought
guidance from his handlers in Pakistan as to how to respond to
Rege`s email.

Rege, he noted, was considered by them an entry point
into Shiv Sena, whom they considered as a terrorist outfit and
had hatched plans to assassinate its leaders.

On May 23, 2008, Headley responded to Rege`s email
asking the latter how projects would be financially beneficial
to him.

"As I mentioned my Boss Mr Sanders is vacationing in
Spain but even then I did get to talk to him a little on this
topic. He is very well connected with the Government as long
as it is beneficial for both of you. He will personally speak
to you on this matter when he returns but he did ask me to get
some more information from you. So please send me some more
details," Headley wrote.

"Regarding the other matter, it also looks very
promising. We could book halls in advance for you in multiple
cities like New York, Chicago and guarantee large audiences.

However, my Boss suggested that, if it is possible, you should
have some big personality from your party to accompany you to
America for maximum results. Would you be able to do that?
That would guarantee all fund-raising activities to a big
success," Headley wrote and forwarded this email to both
Tahawwur Rana and his Pakistani handler Major Iqbal.

"I am just trying to engage this guy. If he can visit
USA with bala (Bal Thackeray) or his son (Udhav) I will be
able to make direct contact. We can even take care of them if
we want," Headley wrote in his email to Sajid Mir.

He told the prosecutors that by "take care" he meant
assassination in the US.

As this was not enough, Rege wrote back to Headley
giving him the details of how to bag contracts in India and
also how the booty can be shared between them.

Talking of government projects, Rege wrote that one
has to give money "under table" and manipulate the project.

"If it is private sector project it is very easy as
all of them are known to me. I tell you the price of the
project and we get it, financially both of us get benefit as
we get our consultancy charges, that all, but even these
consultancy charges ranges from few hundreds crores in
rupees," he wrote.

"For these activities, I have my own trust registered
under Indian laws. The purpose of this is that we get benefit
for these consultancy fees. I show here that I get donations
for social work as education or medical. That`s gives me
savings Income tax," Rege said, adding that he would expect Rs
10 lakh in cash from Headley when he comes to Mumbai in June
of that year.


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