Rahul`s response to Adarsh just manufactured dissent: Jaitley

Dubbing Rahul Gandhi`s utterances on the Adarsh issue as "contrived", BJP leader Arun Jaitley today said his anger is not natural but "manufactured dissent".

PTI| Updated: Dec 28, 2013, 18:02 PM IST

New Delhi: Dubbing Rahul Gandhi`s utterances on the Adarsh issue as "contrived", BJP leader Arun Jaitley today said his anger is not natural but "manufactured dissent" and queried why it was "missing" when the 2G, Coal and Commonwealth scams surfaced.

"If Shri Gandhi feels so strongly on the Adarsh issue, the guilty must be prosecuted and certainly not be the country`s Home Minister. This anger is not natural, it is contrived. This is a case of a manufactured dissent," Jaitley said, referring to Sushilkumar Shinde who has been faulted for his decisions as Maharashtra Chief Minister by the inquiry into the Adarsh scam.

The Leader of Opposition in Rajya Sabha said that a crusade against corruption has to be a continuous effort and not "sporadic" reactions as made by Gandhi before the media while talking his mind out on the scam.

"A crusade against corruption has to be continuous and consistent. It cannot be sporadic. It can not be a put-on exercise. Sporadic reactions dramatised before the media are only intended to show oneself as different even though you are still a part of the same cesspool."

He also hit out at the Congress vice president for not venting out his anger over his party aligning with a convicted leader Lalu Prasad Yadav and attacked him for remaining a mute spectator even after his government was involved in one scam after another - be it the 2G Spectrum, Coal Block allocation or Commonwealth Games scam.

He said the Congress Party and its governments have a "scandalous" record on the issue of corruption as it recently decided to align with a convicted Lalu Yadav.

"The anger was missing," he said. In the 2G spectrum allocation scam where a "monumental loss" has been caused to the National Exchequer, Congress has tried to put a lid on the scandal by producing a "spurious" JPC report which carried "no credibility" and exonerated the guilty and blamed the NDA government.

In the coal block allocation scandal, the illegally allocated blocks are yet to be cancelled. "There is no urge in him to stand up and protest. He remained a mute spectator when day after day scams took place in relation to the Commonwealth Games," he said.

Jaitley felt the first time when Gandhi tore a piece of paper, disapproving the promises made by other parties during the Uttar Pradesh Vidhan Sabha elections, it was a "solitary incident" on the basis of which a view could not be formulated whether this was a contrived anger or a political style.
Subsequently in 2011, he said, during the debate on the Lokpal Bill in Lok Sabha, he suggested a constitutional amendment and claimed that his speech was a game changer.
Jaitley also recalled how earlier this year, after the monsoon session of Parliament, the central government proposed an amendment which would enable convicted MLAs/MPs to enjoy substantial privileges available to a member of a legislative body and Gandhi termed the proposal as "non-sense" and has now disapproved of the Maharashtra Government`s proposal to reject the Commission of Inquiry report on Adarsh scam.