Raju to make public Anna’s unpublished letter

Anna Hazare`s former blogger Raju Parulekar said he will soon make public an unpublished letter by the Gandhian.

New Delhi: Continuing his fight against Team
Anna members, Anna Hazare`s former blogger Raju Parulekar
on Monday said he will soon make public an unpublished letter by
the Gandhian which "proves" that he was fed up with the hidden
personal agenda of four or five people of his Core Committee.

"I will produce Annaji`s handwritten and signed letter
which he wanted me to upload on his blog which describes that
he wants impersonal connect with the nation.

"Indirectly, this proves that Annaji is fed up of the 4-5
people for their personal interference and hidden personal
agenda," Parulekar said in his latest blog posting.

In an earlier blog also, he had mentioned about the blog
which he did not upload after being dictated by Hazare.
Parulekar had named Arvind Kejriwal, Prashant Bhushan, Kiran
Bedi and Manish Sisodia as a `gang of four` whom Hazare wanted
to remove from the team.

Referring to Hazare`s announcement about restructuring
the Core Committee, he said, "What I had said then holds merit
as Annaji himself announced to the world his plans of
re-structuring the core Committee."

Parulekar fell out with Hazare after the activist
distanced himself from his claim on restructuring the Core
Committee, saying the blogger was talking in air and he never
discussed this issue with him.

He also quoted reports in the Marathi press that "Annaji
fought with Kejriwal and Bhushan in favour of re-structuring
of pan-Indian organisation in a close-door meeting held at
Ralegan Siddhi.

"How an opportunist takes advantage of a situation can be
seen from these newspaper reports. Kejariwal and Bhushan asked
Annaji to appeal for personal security for themselves
(Kejriwal and Bhushan) but Annaji said `non-violent
satyagrahis should not expect such privileges.

"Ultimately these two want Annaji to come to Delhi and
stay there (to control and, of course pressurise him) to which
Annaji refused," he said.

Kejriwal could not be reached for comments.


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