Sheena Bora murder case: 20 clips of recorded telephone conversations emerge

Sheena Bora's body was found in a forest in Raigad. 

Sheena Bora murder case: 20 clips of recorded telephone conversations emerge

Delhi: A set of 20 clips of recorded telephone conversations, part of the evidence that has been presented by the CBI, could hold key to what may have happened in the days after Sheena Bora was murdered, as per a media report.

As per 20 tapes accessed by Times Now, the clips seem to suggest the involvement of former Star CEO Peter Mukerjea in the cover up of the murder.

The recordings were made by Peter's son Rahul and features his conversation with Indrani and Peter across a period of two weeks beginning.

This seems to be the immediate aftermath of the murder.

Rahul was in a relationship with Sheena.

In one of the clips asks Peter multiple times about where Sheena is. This is after being told that she has gone off somewhere on her own.

"I got a message from her that morning and then 45 minutes after that. The messages were all very different... There's something that happened within that 45-minute time span," Rahul was heard as saying in the clip telecast by the channel.

Peter, when asks Rahul what he wants to do, Rahul replies - "I just want hear from Sheena."

Also, Peter tells him that it is up to him to decide whether to carry on with his life or to go looking for Sheena.

At the same time, he suggests that Bora could have 'gone off' on her own or with someone else. 

Indrani Mukerjea, her former husband Sanjeev Khanna and and her driver allegedly strangled Sheena (24) inside a car in April 2012.

Sheena was Indrani's daughter from an earlier relationship.

Bora's body was found in a forest in Raigad. The crime, which came to light in August last year, is allegedly linked to certain financial dealings.

The trio was arrested in August last year while Indrani's husband Peter was held in November. According to CBI, Peter was part of the murder conspiracy.

While Peter and Sanjeev are lodged in Arthur Road prison, Indrani (43) is in Byculla women's jail in Mumbai.

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