Transactions of 70 Waqf properties in Mumbai scrapped: Khadse

Waqf properties are meant to be used for religious purposes only.

Mumbai: Maharashtra government has scrapped transactions involving at least 70 Waqf properties in Mumbai which were found to be in violation of Supreme Court orders.

"Supreme Court had in their interim order clearly put a stay on leasing out or selling of properties possessed by Waqf Board. But, several transactions have taken place in violation of the orders of the apex court. Hence, we have scrapped all such transactions," Revenue Minister Eknath Khadse told reporters after a meeting regarding Waqf properties here.

He said district collector was asked to scrutinise all such transactions, 70 of which were reported in Mumbai.

Waqf properties are meant to be used for religious purposes only. These properties have been exempted from the purview of Revenue Act and are regulated by a separate law brought in by Union government in 1975.

Despite the apex court putting an interim stay on lease or sale of such properties, it has been observed that the charity commissioner has given permission for some of the transactions of such properties, which is violation of SC orders, he said.

"Hence, the law and judiciary department has been asked to convey displeasure of the government to the charity
Commissioner," Khadse said.

The transactions of 70 properties in Mumbai were primarily made between 2005 and 2010.

"Maharashtra has around one lakh hectares of Waqf land and all such properties would be henceforth classified as prohibited properties," the minister added.

Waqf is a permanent dedication of movable or immovable properties for religious, pious or charitable purposes as recognised by Muslim Law, given by philanthropists.