Waterlogging due to heavy rainfall in Mumbai

Heavy rainfall in Mumbai resulted in waterlogging in its Sion locality, thereby creating a problem for local residents.

Mumbai: Heavy rainfall in Mumbai resulted in waterlogging in its Sion locality on Wednesday, thereby creating a problem for local residents.

"It is causing a lot of problems. The Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) is not doing anything," said a local resident Prajakta.

Another resident also criticised the BMC for not taking any measures to clear the water logging.
"There are a lot of problems. The old people and kids are facing problems in commuting. How do we move on these roads? BMC is not doing anything. When we go to them for help they say that they have sent their workers but nobody comes," added another resident.

Not only the waterlogging but people of Mumbai are also facing trouble due to lack of cleanliness in the city.
"We are facing many problems. The people are disappointed. Children are not able to go to school. There are lot of holes on the road. Plastic carry bags are also increasing day by day. Lack of cleanliness is resulting in the increase of mosquitoes and thereby diseases like dengue and malaria also increasing. We are very disappointed," said a resident Jagdish.

"The potholes remain full all the time. People keep on throwing garbage in the potholes. We always have to face this problem during rainfall, added another resident Aparna Parvekar.

May and June are usually the hottest months of the year in India with temperatures often in the range of 42 to 47 degrees Celsius at many places.

The Indian Meteorological Department had forecast below-average rainfall in 2014 due to an emerging El Nino in which warm water rises to the surface of the Pacific Ocean.

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