2 Pak aircraft detected close to Indian air space

Two Pak aircraft flew close to international border, triggering an air defence alert of IAF.

Jammu/New Delhi: Two Pakistani aircraft on Wednesday flew close to the international border in the Jammu sector, triggering an air defence alert of the Indian Air Force.

The two low-flying Pakistani light aircraft were detected close to Indian territory and were sighted by BSF troops deployed in the R S Pura Sector in Jammu, Indian Air Force sources said.

"Their movement and approach were picked up by our sensors and radars," they said. Thought the aircraft were flying in Pakistani territory, it was a breach of agreement between the two sides barring flying of fixed-wing aircraft in 10 km area from each side of the international boundary, they said.
"As per its Standard Operating Procedures (SOP), IAF responds in such situation looking at the level of threat posed by the aircraft," they said, without giving details.

The SOP could range from activating its surface-to-air missile batteries to scrambling of fighter aircraft located close to the area.

Assets such as the airborne early warning and control systems (AWACS) and the aerostat radars and chain of ground-based radars allows the IAF to look beyond its boundaries.
The issue, the sources said, would also be taken up with Pakistani authorities through the External Affairs Ministry.

In the last three years, Pakistan`s military aircraft, helicopters and spy drones or unmanned aerial vehicles have violated Indian airspace on 23 occasions.