`26/11 conspirators not seriously prosecuted by Pak`

Perpetrators of 26/11 attacks were not seriously prosecuted by Pakistan, India told UN.

Mumbai: The main perpetrators of 26/11
attacks were not "seriously and sincerely" prosecuted by
Pakistan, India has told a UN conference on eradication of
terrorism, while voicing concern over some members not
following the international convention on mutual legal

"Some countries displayed passive action in
prosecuting key conspirators of terror attacks on India. The
main perpetrators of 26/11 attacks were not seriously and
sincerely prosecuted by Pakistan," Ujjwal Nikam, who was
Special Public Prosecutor in the 1993 Mumbai blasts and 2008
terror attacks here, said at the three-day global conference
organised by Security Council of United Nations in New York
early this month.

Nikam said here on Sunday that he drew the attention
of the countries to "some members not cooperating in following
the international convention about mutual legal assistance".

Also, the perpetrators of the 1993 Mumbai serial bomb
blasts case had been sheltered by some states and hence could
not be brought to justice, he said.

Similarly, key conspirators of 26/11 attacks were not
seriously prosecuted by Pakistan, he said in his address at
the seminar in which 25 countries participated.

India told the UN member countries at the seminar that
various obstacles, faced by public prosecutors while dealing
with terror cases, occurred due to inaction by nations.

"Terrorism is like cancer and there is a need to root
it out completely. This can be achieved only if member states
of the United Nations cooperate with each other for collecting
evidence and prosecuting them expeditiously," he said, adding
some countries were involved in a proxy war by promoting and
provoking terrorist organisations.

Nikam briefed the UN member countries that India could
successfully bring terrorists to justice "on account of the
best provisions of Indian law and the practises adopted by
prosecution in the courts of law".

In all 25 countries, including France, Japan,
Australia, Canada, England, Spain, Chin and Saudi Arabia,
participated in the seminar organised by the UN`s Security
Council with the assistance of the Counter-Terrorism