26/11: GPS found in `Kuber` matches with carton identified in Karachi

This information will further strengthen India`s claim that 26/11 attackers had come from Pak.

New Delhi: In yet another firm pointer to Pakistan`s link with Mumbai terror attack, the packing carton of the Global Positioning System (GPS) used by the terrorists has been found in a house in Karachi which was believed to
have been used as a control room for orchestrating the 26/11 strike.

India will share with Pakistan all information related to
the GPS device, used by the 26/11 attackers to navigate in
Indian waters on fishing trawler `Kuber`, to help authorities
in that country establish the role of Pakistani terrorists in
executing the audacious attack in Mumbai.

The information will help Pakistan to match the details
of the GPS with the packaging carton of the device which has
been recovered by Pakistani investigating agencies in Karachi.

The packaging carton of the GPS device was found by the Pakistani investigators in a Karachi house, believed to be
used as a control room during the four days of mayhem in
Mumbai in November 2008 carried out by LeT terrorists.

The number, model of GPS and packaging date of the carton
match with the device found in the fishing trawler `Kuber`, officials privy to investigations said.

This will further strengthen India`s claim the 26/11
attackers had come from Pakistan and help the prosecution
there in pursuing the terror case against seven accused,
including the lashker operative Zakiur Rehman Lakhvi, they

India will share this information with the Pakistani
judicial commission when it visits India to take the statement
of the magistrate who had recorded the confessional statement
of Ajmal Amir Kasab, the lone surviving terrorist of 26/11
attack, to pursue the case there.

Islamabad has been maintaining that it is necessary to
send the commission to India as part of the judicial process
of 26/11 case in Pakistan.

However, Pakistan is yet to convey to India when it is
sending the commission to India.


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