26/11: Nothing to implicate Saeed, says ISI

Pakistani intel agency believes there is nothing to implicate JuD chief in 26/11 attacks.

Islamabad: Notwithstanding the dossiers of
information handed over by India, Pakistan`s intelligence
agency believes there is nothing to implicate Hafiz Mohammed
Saeed, a key accused in the Mumbai terror attack, a media
report said here quoting an ISI official.

Jamaat-ud-Dawah chief Saeed, who was also the founder of
Lashkar-e-Taiba, was last month let off by a Pakistani court
which said there was no evidence to link him to the 26/11
"We could not find anything to implicate Hafiz Saeed as
such," the unnamed ISI official was quoted as saying by the
News Daily.

The ISI official said he had studied the first dossier
provided by India on the Mumbai terror attacks, which killed
nearly 180 people, and found nothing that linked banned JuD
chief Saeed to the assault.

The official confirmed that, according to the ISI`s
probe, the attacks were perpetrated by Lashker-e-Taiba "which
has been active in the occupied Kashmir".
The official claimed the LeT had "broken off" from the
JuD long ago and had been "operating independently ever

The US too has appreciated the Pakistani armed forces`
fight against militants, which had resulted in the "uprooting"
of nests and training grounds, he added.

Bureau Report