26/11: What evidence does Pak need, asks Nikam

Ujjwal Nikam on Tuesday wondered what more evidence Pakistan wants when the conspiracy was "hatched" in that country by the LeT.

Mumbai: Expressing unhappiness over
Pakistan`s stand that India did not share any evidence on the
26/11 attacks, public prosecutor Ujjwal Nikam on Tuesday wondered
what more evidence it wants when the conspiracy was "hatched"
in that country by the LeT.
"All the while the Pakistan government says that we have
not forwarded any evidence to them (with regard to Mumbai
terror attacks). I fail to understand what evidence they want.
Conspiracy was hatched in Pakistan and not in India," he said
during a panel discussion on `Globalisation of Terrorism in
the run-up to the third anniversary of 26/11`.

"It was decided in Pakistan to attack on a particular day
at a particular place. Hence, they (Pakistan) will have to
collect the conspiracy material from that country and not from
India," he said.

By sending the lone surviving Pakistani terrorist Ajmal
Kasab to the gallows, the problems posed by terrorism will not
be solved. The person who masterminded the attack should be
punished and who is going to prosecute him (in this case) is a
million dollar question, he said.

"In his confession, Kasab said that LeT top operative
Hafeez Saeed gave him instructions. But Pakistan says it has
nothing against Saeed.
"Pakistan`s Interior Minister Rehman Malik says Kasab
should be hanged. What is new in this? After giving due
opportunity and legal assistance, Kasab has been sentenced to
death," said the prosecutor in the 26/11 terror case.

During the 26/11 attack probe, it became clear that LeT
had opened an employment centre and that they openly recruited
the young candidates, trained them and sent them for terror
mission, Nikam said.

"Kasab had said that a person whom everybody was calling
as major general in the camp where he was undergoing terror
training had patted his back when he stood first in the firing
practice," he pointed out.

"LeT has been supported by certain army personnel there
(in Pakistan). They may be acting or retired personnel," he
said, adding "Pakistan has limitation to prosecute some people
due to certain reasons."

"I have played the CD of telephonic conversation between
the handlers and the terrorists here during the 26/11 attacks
to establish the entire operation and involvement of certain
state actors behind the attacks. The US was also satisfied
with our investigation," Nikam said.

"Unless there is uniform extradition process, it is not
possible to check terrorism," he suggested.

Talking about the reason for India being a soft target,
Nikam said, "In India people of different religions live. Some
fundamentalists provoke these people and prompt them to do
religions killing in a bid to rule them."


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