Aarushi-Hemraj murder case conviction: As it happened

Shortly after being convicted of the double murder, Talwar couple issued a statement saying, "We are deeply disappointed, hurt and anguished for being convicted for a crime that has not been committed."

By Supriya Jha | Updated: Nov 26, 2013, 12:40 PM IST

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04:42 pm: `Case has been messed up; What if Talwars are innocent?`

Deeply disappointed at the verdict, Aarushi`s friend Fiza Jha said that the case had been botched up and that the Talwars loved Aarushi very much.

"I know the parents very well, I was like a second daughter.They loved her very much.Case has been messed up", she told ANI.

"I am deeply dissapointed.I know the public opinion about this but has anyone thought what if they are innocent?",she said.

04:15 pm: Aarushi`s aunt Vandana Talwar says verdict prejudiced

Slamming the CBI court`s verdict as pre-judiced, Vandana Talwar, the wife of Rajesh Talwar`s brother said that there was no need for the trial to take place as the "minds were already made up" and it was pre-decided that the dentist couple will be announced guilty.

She said that the truth was buried in layers and layers of lies to save the prestige of CBI. Aarushi`s aunt Vandana Talwar also added that the family had the right to appeal against the verdict in higher courts.

“Everyone had turned against us… What do we have on our side? Only the truth... No one believes what we say because we are a family against the mighty CBI," she added.

04:10 pm: Talwars reach Dasna JailRajesh>03:55 pm: We are disappointed, say Talwars

Shortly after being convicted of the double murder, Talwar couple issued a statement saying, "We are deeply disappointed, hurt and anguished for being convicted for a crime that has not been committed."

"We refuse to feel defeated and will continue to fight for justice."

03:35 pm: Talwar couple break down in court, sent to Dasna jail

After being convicted for the double murder, the Talwar couple were taken into custody and would be sent to Ghaziabad`s Dasna jail, said the advocate Naresh Yadav. The lawyer added that the couple broke down in the court after the judge announced the verdict.

03:25 pm: Talwar couple found guilty of murder

Rajesh and Nupur Talwar, parents of the slain teenager Aarushi Talwar, were found guilty of double murder by the special CBI court in Ghaziabad.
They were convicted under IPC section 302 (murder), 201(destruction of evidence) and 34 (common intent), said lawyer Naresh Yadav. Rajesh Talwar was also separately convicted under IPC section 203 for registering wrong FIR at Noida`s Sector 20 police station. The verdict was read out by judge Shyam Lal at 3:25 pm and he said that the quantum of punishment will be announced tomorrow.

03:00 pm: Waiting for the verdict: `An unsettling feeling`

Speaking about the wait for the verdict, actress Soha Ali Khan tweeted that it was queit an unsettling feeling. In what reflects her doubt in Talwar couple`s involvement in the murder of their own child, she said there seemed to be many loopholes in the case against the parents.

02:35 pm: Verdict to come after 3:00 pm now, says lawyer

The CBI court kept people waiting for the verdict as Mahesh Yadav, a lawyer said that the judgement will be declared only after 3:00 pm.

02:25 pm: Verdict will leave many unanswered questions

Speaking to Zee News, Ranjana Kumari, the director of non-governmental organisation Centre for Social Research, said that many questions regarding the murder case will be left without answers even after the announcement of the verdict. Many aspects of the murder case would remain a mystery as there has been no confirmed recovery of the weapon of murder. Even the forensic evidences are incomplete.

02:00 pm: Not just media, common public too throng outside court

As the verdict in one of the most intriguing murder mystery is set to be announced in the Ghaziabad court, it was not just mediapersons with their cameras, but also the common public, who out of curiousity, gathered outside the court to witness how the sensational case would conclude.

01:50 pm: Verdict to be announced shortly

As reported, the verdict in the sensational double murder case is set to be announced any time soon post-lunch. But as the mediapersons have been restricted outside the court and not allowed inside the trial room, any news on the verdict is not expected until the judge and the lawyers come out after the announcement.

12:20 pm: Mediapersons prohibited from entering CBI court premises

keeping in mind the seriousness of the situtaion, the Ghaziabad police has said that journalists will not be allowed to enter the CBI court premises today as the judge would pronounce the verdict.

11:20 am: CBI court to announce verdict at 2:00 pm

As the entire nation eagerly waits to see how one of the most intriguing murder mysteries would conclude, reports say that the special CBI court in Ghaziabad will pronounce the verdict at 2:00 pm today.

11:10 am: Talwars arrive at the court

Rajesh Talwar and Nupur Talwar, the parents of the slain teenager Aarushi Talwar, who are also the main accused in the double murder, have arrived at the court.
10:45 am: CBI lawyers and judge arrive at CBI court

The CBI team, including RK Saini who led the prosecution, and Special judge Shyam Lal who will read out the verdict has arrived at the court. The Talwars however, haven`t yet arrived.

10:30 am: Defence counsels reach the court

Defence lawyers of Talwar couple have arrived at the court premises. Tanwir Ahmed Mir is the lawyer for Talwars.

10: 20 am: Tight security at Ghaziabad court and Talwars` residence

Heavy security is in place outside the special CBI court in Ghaziabad where the most awaited Aarushi verdict is set to be declared today. Reports said that constables were ready to tackle any untoward incident with tear gas shells. Security has also been boosted at Jalavayu Vihar in Noida – the residence of Talwar couple, who will be escorted to the court by the police.

10:00 am: Verdict Day: CBI court to end Aarushi-Hemraj murder mystery

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In what is slated to bring to an end one of the most sensational murder mysteries, a CBI special court here will declare the verdict in Aarushi-Hemraj double murder case on Monday.

More than five years after the dentist couple Rajesh and Nupur Talwar`s teenager daughter Aarushi Talwar and servant Hemraj were found murdered on May 15-16 2008 at their Jalvayu Vihar residence, the CBI court will today blow the lid off the mystery that has intrigued the courts and the people alike.
The investigation into the intriguing double murder followed quiet a meandering trajectory unfolding various conspiracy theories.