Advani asks ‘honest` Cong men to act bravely

BJP leader LK Advani on Wednesday said Congress men should show courage in getting back black money stashed abroad by Indians.

Jodhpur: Calling upon "honest" people within
the Congress to act the way VP Singh had done on Bofors, BJP
leader LK Advani on Wednesday said they should show the same courage
in getting back black money stashed abroad by Indians.

"I want those people who are honest and those who have
the courage to act like Vishwanath Pratap Singh did over
Bofors during the time of Rajiv Gandhi. I ask such members of
the Congress to display similar courage and strength," he said
addressing a rally here on the 29th day of his Yatra.

Singh, who was a Cabinet minister in the Rajiv Gandhi
government, raked up the Bofors kickbacks issue. He was
forced to leave the government. Bofors became an election
issue and led to the defeat of the Congress in 1989.

Advani said in the coming session of Parliament, the
entire focus of the BJP and the opposition would be on black
money issue.

"I think that there will be people within the Congress
party who would think that to protect some people the
government is taking wrong decisions. After all this wealth is
not any individual`s wealth but belongs to the country. And
India`s wealth should come back to it. Many Congress people
will appreciate this," Advani said.

Advani also renewed his demand asking government to
present a white paper on black money lodged in foreign banks
and said that to ensure proper time for discussion, it must do
it on the first day of the winter session of Parliament
commencing on November 22.


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