Advani attacks PM, says his govt is paralysed

Sharpening his attack on Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, BJP leader LK Advani on Tuesday alleged the Central government led by him lies paralysed.

Kumta (Karnataka): Sharpening his attack on
Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, BJP leader LK Advani on Tuesday
alleged the Central government led by him lies paralysed and
is unable to take any decision because of corruption.
"Because of corruption, the Central government has
become paralysed, has become dysfunctional and is unable to
take any decision," he said.

Addressing a rally on the 22nd day of his yatra against
corruption, Advani launched a broadside against the Prime
Minister for saying at the Governors conference on Sunday that
time has now come to act against corruption.

"Time has come now. Time came several years ago when,
under your leadership, one after the other scam was committed.
Time has come now or then?," he said referring to the PM.

The BJP leader said that if there was any issue which
was discussed most in every part of the country, it was

"Will people tolerate this kind of corruption....People
in the country were sad, unhappy and disturbed due to
corruption," he said.
He dispelled as "misconceived" allegations that India
was a corrupt country in the wake of the scams.

"The leaders in New Delhi may be corrupt, the
government may be corrupt. India is not a corrupt nation. By
and large, the people of India are honest, hard working people
who earn their own money properly," Advani said.

Advani accused the Prime Minister of not taking any step
to get back black money "amounting to Rs 25 lakh crore"
stashed away in foreign banks, including Swiss banks, despite
promises made to this effect during the 2009 parliamentary

He made a reference to Swiss Parliament, which after
"pressure" from various developed nations had passed a new law
earlier this year, known as the `Restitution of Illicit Assets
Act`, for return of illicit money of nations but said India
had not benefited from it.

"While America, Germany and some small African nations
have taken their dirty money back from Swiss banks following
this Act, India has not it taken up yet...Why?," he asked.

Advani said, "In the coming Winter Session of
Parliament, we will ask the government as to what benefit has
the government derived out of this international law. How much
money has come back yet.

The BJP leader claimed that black money "is enormous. It
is a big treasure. If it returns, the shape of India will

Advani demanded publication of all names whose illicit
money was stashed away abroad.

"We would like these names to be announced. Let the
world know who these people are, who have taken their money to
foreign banks," he said.


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