Advani concerned over `sensationalism` in media

Expressing concern over "sensational presentation of news", LK Advani said that it is the electronic media which has to be blamed for it.

Indore: Expressing concern over "sensational
presentation of news", BJP leader LK Advani on Monday said that
more than the print media, it is the electronic media which
has to be blamed for it.

He was addressing a seminar on `Today`s Journalism` on
the occasion of the Golden Jubilee celebrations of the Indore
Press Club.

"It is now believed that unless there is some
sensationalism in news, people would not watch it and hence
these days, it is being presented in a sensational manner," he

"I believe that electronic media indulges in such a
practice more than the print media. Electronic media is more
responsible than the print media for presenting news in a
sensational manner," the former deputy prime minister said.

Referring to the trend of "paid-news" he said, "The signs
of a paid-news are quite obvious in some news. Some newspapers
say that large number of people were present for an election
rally of a particular candidate, while in case of some other
candidates, they write that there was a poor turnout."

"Earlier, we used to think that corruption takes place
only in political circles...The paid news menace has entered
this profession in the last few years. A lot can still be done
for the betterment of journalism," he said.

Noting that there a film city should be set up in
Madhya Pradesh, the BJP leader urged the state Chief Minister
Shivraj Singh Chouhan, who was present on the occasion, to
take an initiative in this regard.

Chouhan said that there was a deterioration in media and
politics both, but everything is not over as yet.

Questioning the motive behind the entry of large business
houses into journalism, Chouhan said it was being done to
protect business interests.