Agitating DU members meet VC, come out `disappointed`

Members of DU Academic Council ended their five-day long stir over the semester system to attend a meeting with Vice Chancellor Deepak Pental on Tuesday but came out "disappointed" as the VC refused to budge from his stand.

Updated: May 18, 2010, 22:29 PM IST

New Delhi: Members of Delhi University`s
Academic Council ended their five-day long agitation over the
semester system to attend a meeting with Vice Chancellor
Deepak Pental on Tuesday but came out "disappointed" as the VC
refused to budge from his stand.

Pental had invited the agitating teachers for talks
yesterday in a bid to end the stand-off.

Members of the Academic Council were on a sit-in since
May 13 against what they called a unilateral imposition of
semester-based syllabi in 12 undergraduate courses of the
science department.

The sit-in started after a special meeting of the AC
on Thursday approved the revised syllabi of the courses to be
implemented from session 2010-2011.

The protesters demanded that the VC return to the
conference hall, where they had camped post the AC meeting,
addresses them and gives an ear to them.

They also wanted an assurance that the decision to
implement the semester system would be reviewed and not
imposed in a hurry without debate and discussion.

"The meeting was conducted in a very peaceful and
cordial way but we are disappointed by the outcome," Prof J
Khuntia, member of the Academic Council said after the

He said though the VC gave a patient hearing to them,
but he was "adamant" that he would go ahead with the system
and refused to go back on his decision.

"We are not satisfied by the outcome of the meeting
that came after five days of wait. Our concerns, that the
teaching community does not want the semester system to come
in place in a hurry remain unaddressed," he said.

The agitation had started soon after the Academic
Council meeting on May 13 during which, as claimed by AC
members, Pental refused a debate on the revised syllabi of 12
courses and got it approved without any discussion.

AC members had said they want the minutes of the
faculty and general body meetings that framed the revised
syllabi to be put on record to know who has actually framed
the syllabi of the semester courses approved that day.

The VC, had however said these were "delaying tactics"
and termed the entire episode as "unfortunate".

Khuntia said he and his fellow AC members will work to
ensure that the semester is not implemented in such a hurried
manner in other departments.

Pental could not be reached for comments.

"We hope we will be able to successfully resist the
implementation of the semester system in departments other
than the Science in a hurry," Khuntia said.

Pental, who has been firm on his stand has said that
the semester was in the larger interest of teachers and

Meanwhile, the Delhi University Teachers Association
(DUTA) claimed that some teachers temporarily stopped the
process of evaluation of marks yesterday in protest of their
representatives being manhandled.

DUTA members had said that they were roughed up by
security guards surrounding the Vice Chancellor when they
tried to approach him in south campus on Sunday.

"It was a spontaneous reaction, we did not give any
such call, but teachers in four centres as a mark of protest
stopped the work of evaluation yesterday. The work however
resumed today," DUTA President Aditya Mishra said.