Ajmal Kasab gets copy of 26/11 judgement

Pak terrorist Ajmal Kasab has been handed over a copy of 26/11 Mumbai terror attacks case judgement.

Last Updated: May 23, 2010, 09:50 AM IST

Mumbai: Pakistani terrorist Ajmal Kasab,
sentenced to death for killing 166 people in the 26/11 Mumbai
terror attacks, has been handed over a copy of the judgement
by the jail authorities.

Kasab was given a copy of the judgement on Saturday and
he kept it with himself in the cell, jail sources said today.

According to the jail manual, a convict can appeal to
the High Court by writing a letter within two months of
receiving the judgement.

At this stage, Kasab does not need a lawyer and he may
inform the jail authorities that he intends to appeal against
his conviction by writing a letter.

The jail authorities would in turn submit his petition
(letter) to the Bombay High Court in a prescribed format. When
the HC hears the appeal, Kasab can engage a lawyer of
his choice or, if he cannot afford to do so, the court may on
his behalf appoint a lawyer.

The trial court would also forward to the HC a
copy of the judgement along with documents and affidavits of
witnesses for confirmation of death sentence awarded to Kasab.
The process is on and would be completed soon, sources said.

The government can also file an appeal against the
judgement which acquitted two accused Faheem Ansari and
Sabauddin Ahmed.

Kasab`s appeal, confirmation of death sentence awarded
to him and the government`s appeal would be heard by the high
court simultaneously.

During the trial, Kasab was given legal aid by the
court which appointed two lawyers to defend him.

Kasab continues to be in solitary confinement in the
Arthur Road central jail where he is guarded round-the-clock
by Indo-Tibetan Border Police.

The lone surviving 26/11 gunman has been put up in a
bomb and bullet proof cell and his movements are watched
through CCTV cameras installed in the jail.

He spends most of the time reading story books in Urdu
and Quran. Kasab offers namaz (prayers) five times a day and
speaks to the guards occasionally when he feels lonely,
the sources said.