Amar went `all alone` to lend party`s backing to UPA-II: SP

After his party bailed out the Congress-led govt on the Indo-US nuclear deal issue, Amar Singh started bargaining with it for his own interests and after elections even went ahead all alone to lend the party`s backing to UPA-II.

Updated: Jan 31, 2010, 15:48 PM IST

New Delhi: After his party bailed out the
Congress-led Government on the Indo-US nuclear deal issue,
Amar Singh started bargaining with it for his "own interests"
and after the elections even went ahead "all alone" to lend
the party`s backing to UPA-II, the Samajwadi Party alleged
on Sunday.

At the same time, party leader Mohan Singh made it
clear that the SP does not plan to withdraw support to the
government saying it does not believe in bringing instability
at the Centre through frequent elections.

"Even though several party leaders were in favour of
sitting in the Opposition after last year`s Lok Sabha polls,
Amar Singh went all alone to the Rashtrapati Bhavan to give
the party`s letter of support to UPA-II to President Pratibha
Patil," Mohan Singh told a news agency in an interview.

He claimed that extending support to the Government
was not the party`s decision and therefore no one accompanied
Amar Singh.

Amar Singh could not be reached for his comment.
Mohan Singh, who was made the General Secretary and
Spokesman of the party recently following the rebel leader`s
resignation from these posts, declared that the SP was
determined to force Amar Singh to resign from his Rajya Sabha
seat. And would not fall into his trap by expelling him.

He alleged that the rebel leader harmed the party`s
interests on several occasions.

Citing an instance, Mohan Singh said after lending
support he started making "silly threats" to the UPA on every

"After 26/11 Amar Singh demanded that SP will withdraw
support if Pakistan is not attacked. Such an action could have
created tension between the two nations. People of both the
countries have good relations with each other.

Leaders like Mulayam Singh Yadav and Lalu Prasad are
loved by their people," Mohan Singh said.

He added that such an "irresponsible" statement made
SP a laughing stock.

Besides, Mohan Singh was critical of Amar for his
alleged role in the cash for vote drama.

Mohan Singh alleged "the whole episode where MPs were
displaying currency notes in Lok Sabha, showed our
Parliamentary democracy in poor light... A party forcibly
tried to buy support during trust vote on nuclear deal.

Congress itself could have made arrangements (for
ensuring support), but who told Amar Singh to get involved in
the whole episode. He was not required in it."

The SP leader was unsparing in his criticism of the
Congress though he said "forward looking forces" were the
natural allies of the party.

Attacking the ruling party for its failure to control
price rise, he said "whenever congress is in power, prices
rise. Inflation is at an all time high and it is all due to
Congress misrule and the concerned ministers claim
helplessness in curbing the trend."

On signals from SP chief Mulayam Singh Yadav to Left
parties and JD(U) on coming together over issues like
combating unemployment and price rise, Mohan Singh said that
during the agitation against price rise in Bihar, RJD, Ram
Vilas Paswan and even the Left parties were together.

"A message has come from Bihar. If we move ahead it
will be a progressive movement," he said.

Asked about the morale of partymen defeat in UP
byelections, the SP leader said, "ups and downs are part of
any political party. Assembly byelections are not an issue of

Mohan Singh struck a buoyant note on the changes in
the party after Amar`s exit. "The changes in the party have
evoked a wave of excitement among party workers. They are now
again confident that socialist faces of the party have come to
the fore.

There are four years still left for next Lok Sabha
polls and assembly polls in UP are in 2012. We will garner
support and it will depend on how hard we work. When people
are ready then revival does not take time".