Anna is Indian cyber-space`s flavour of the season

Anna was Indian cyber-denizens` most popular personality during his 12-day fast racing to as many as 3.64 lakh `likes` on Facebook.

Hyderabad: Anti-corruption crusader Anna
Hazare was Indian cyber-denizens` most popular personality
during his 12-day fast demanding introduction of the Jan
Lokpal Bill in Parliament, racing to as many as 3.64 lakh
`likes` on social networking site Facebook.

Similarly, an account, named, `Support Anna Hazare`s Fast
Against Corruption`, on the social networking site attracted
`likes` from 1.45 lakh users.

On the other hand, another Facebook page, `I Hate Anna
Hazare`, could rope in just 4,137 members.

The Anna Hazare video recorded by Kiran Bedi in the Tihar
Jail compound has nearly 1.6 lakh views on video streaming
website YouTube so far and was rated as the second-most viewed
video of the month in the Indian news and politics category,
just behind a video uploaded by an Indian on the US debt

Another video on Anna Hazare`s indefinite fast against
corruption was ranked No. 4 on YouTube, with nearly 1.65 lakh

It also appears that SMSs containing the words `Anna
Hazare` or `Corruption` are in high circulation, according to
web-to-mobile free SMS service providers.

Nisha Parekh, the Vice-President (International
Operations) of SMS Country, which runs free SMS service, said out of the 5-5.5 million SMSes they handle
everyday from their website, nearly 1.5 million messages were
related to Anna Hazare or corruption.

"We expect it to be around 3.5 million SMSes on Sunday
(Sunday), regarding Anna Hazare ending his fast," Parekh said.

Ten days ago, 16by2 handled 1.34 lakh SMSes on Anna
Hazare and the figure reached 2.6 lakh on Saturday.

160by2 has 13.3 million registered users, who use the
site for sending bulk SMSes.

"Currently, `Anna Hazare` and `Corruption` are the most
used words in way2sms messages. Messages containing the words
`Anna Hazare` and `Corruption` have been delivered to close to
13.5 million unique mobile subscribers in the last five days
via our way2sms," said V V Raju, CEO, Way2SMS.

According to Raju, along with social networking sites,
users are largely using way2sms to express their support for
Anna Hazare and in the last five days, they observed close to
3 million people using the name, `Anna Hazare`, in their


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