Anna kept all options open: Kiran Bedi

Former IPS officer Kiran Bedi on Sunday said veteran social activist Anna Hazare had kept all options open for movement as well as politics.

Updated: Aug 12, 2012, 11:47 AM IST

Noida: Former IPS officer Kiran Bedi on Sunday said veteran social activist Anna Hazare had kept all options open for movement as well as politics.

"Anna had given both the options. Anna had said that those of you, who think you are ready, take the political alternative. But those who think, the movement is also necessary, take that path. Anna had said those of you who think are ready to go to Parliament, be prepared for this option, and keep the movement going on," said Bedi.

"I have been saying this from the very beginning that Anna had made open both the options, to go political and carry on with the movement," she added.

Bedi, a member of now disbanded Team Anna, further said both the political path as well as the movement is extremely required in today`s society.

"Everybody has his own orientation. As per their respective orientations, some will go with the option of going political, while some will prefer to carry on with the movement. And the two are at the moment extremely required in society," she said.

RTI crusader Arvind Kejriwal earlier tweeted that it was Hazare`s decision to go political, and added that the decision was not a thrust on the veteran social activist.

"A malicious campaign is being run that Anna is against political party and that Team thrust it on Anna. Truth is it was Anna’s decision," tweeted Kejriwal.

"Anna clearly directed us to start forming political party. If he says even once that he doesn`t want us to do that, we will immediately withdraw. Let Anna say once that he is against pol (itical) party formation, we will immediately withdraw," he adds.

Kejriwal further said Hazare is convinced that there was no road left other than providing political alternative.

"Anna has been fighting corrupt for last 30 years. He is extremely sharp politically n (sic) fiercely independent. Those projecting Anna as a gullible man may try getting Anna to say a single line against his wishes," Kejriwal tweeted.

"For last one year, Anna (was) being projected as a simpleton, an infant who could be influenced by anyone," he adds.

Hazare’s close aide Sunita Godara earlier on Saturday revealed that the former was reluctant to support his team’s decision to switch to a political alternative in their fight against corruption and bring about a potent public ombudsman bill.

Godara said that Hazare insisted on following his methods of spreading awareness in villages and campaigning for a strong ombudsman bill as the next step of their agitation.

Shortly after declaring his potential foray into politics, Hazare made an announcement through his blog of disbanding of his team on August 7.

Hazare wrote in his blog that Team Anna or Team Anna Core Committee, which was formed to get the Ombudsman (Lokpal) Bill passed in parliament, will cease to exist and that they would also not hold any more talks with the government.

Thousands of Hazare`s supporters had participated in his campaign with a hope that the septuagenarian activist would lead them to a corruption free India.

Hazare began his fast-unto-death against corruption on July 29 by joining his three associates - Arvind Kejriwal, Manish Sisodia and Gopal Rai - who had been staging indefinite hunger strike since July 25.