‘Anna was unsure of entering politics’

Anna Hazare`s close aide Sunita Godara revealed that the former was reluctant to support his team`s decision to switch to a political alternative.

New Delhi: Veteran anti-graft crusader Anna Hazare`s close aide Sunita Godara on Saturday revealed that the former was reluctant to support his team`s decision to switch to a political alternative in their fight against corruption and bring about a potent public ombudsman bill.

Godara said that Hazare insisted on following his methods of spreading awareness in villages and campaigning for a strong ombudsman bill as the next step of their agitation.

"He (Hazare) clearly stated that I would continue to walk on this path that I have already taken, the path of non-violence and campaigning in villages to empower the poor of this country. If you feel that this new alternative is a better way to fight against corruption and you believe that through this new alternative, you will win this fight then you have the freedom to choose that. Anna did not pressurise anyone, he said that you are free to choose your own path, if you decide to stay with me or not, I will continue to work in a non-violent social way," Godara added.

"He (Hazare) said that we are not yet ready to enter the political fraternity. The letter given by Anna Hazare depicted that the resolution, points and questions raised by Anna Hazare in front of the public, now even we are in the gambit to find answers to those questions," said Godara.

Shortly after declaring his potential foray into politics, Hazare made an announcement through his blog of disbanding of his team on August 7.

Hazare wrote in his blog that Team Anna or Team Anna Core Committee, which was formed to get the Ombudsman (Lokpal) Bill passed in Parliament, will cease to exist and that they would also not hold any more talks with the government.

Thousands of Hazare`s supporters had participated in his campaign with a hope that the septuagenarian activist would lead them to a corruption free India.

Hazare began his fast-unto-death against corruption on July 29 by joining his three associates - Arvind Kejriwal, Manish Sisodia and Gopal Rai - who had been staging indefinite hunger strike since July 25.