`Anna was upset over management of funds`

Swami Agnivesh on Monday claimed that Anna hazare was upset about the management of the accounts.

New Delhi: After raising questions about
the way in which funds for Anna Hazare agitation was managed,
Swami Agnivesh on Monday claimed that the Gandhian was upset about
the management of the accounts and a delay in auditing will
make the people associated with the movement worried.

Agnivesh claimed that Hazare expressed concerned when he
came to know about the lapses and during a meeting in Ralegan
Siddhi on September 10 and 11, he told Team Anna members that
it was "unacceptable" and that an audit should be done.

"Hazare said that copies should be sent to him and told
the meeting that if you make people associated with the
movement as trustees, the people would have more trust on us,"
Agnivesh said.

His comments came days after he alleged that funds
collected for the agitation was deposited in the trust run by
Arvind Kejriwal from which the names of major Team Anna
members were missing, a claim dismissed as made "out of
anger". He had earlier alleged that Kejriwal had siphoned off
over Rs 80 lakh.

"Hazare told the meeting that an audit should be done
since his name is associated with it. He told the meeting that
he will not allow any `hanky-panky`. He said you should make
sure that audit is done and posted on website," he said.

Agnivesh, who was ousted from Team Anna following the
surfacing of a video in which he was shown talking to someone
asking him to deal with Hazare strongly, said the Gandhian had
set a deadline of October 15 for completing the audit.

"Now, it has been sometime since the deadline is over. So
it is obvious that people would be worried as nothing has been
done over the issue," he said, even as Team Anna noted that
they will publicise the accounts by this month-end.

"If there is any reason why it has not been done, they
should have allowed people to know about it," Agnivesh said,
adding that he was not levelling any allegations against

"Funds that has been spent and funds that have come
should both be audited. This is the need of the hour, if the
faith of people is to be kept intact," he said.

Agnivesh, who on Saturday alleged that Kejriwal has
siphoned off over Rs 80 lakh donated for Hazare`s agitation by
diverting it to a trust run by him, said Anna Hazare does not
have his name in the Public Cause Research Foundation run by

"Even Justice Santosh Hegde, who has a clean image,
does not have his name in the trust. So, the main members of
the Team were not part of the trust and the old trust where
Kejriwal and his members were part...the money was deposited
in their name," he alleged.


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