Army Chief Gen VK Singh rules out resignation

Army Chief Gen VK Singh, feels the Supreme Court has "not not effectively" closed the age issue but ruled out his resignation.

New Delhi: Army Chief Gen VK Singh, who
lost his battle with the Defence Ministry on the age row,
feels the Supreme Court has "not not effectively" closed the
issue but ruled out his resignation.

"It would be dishonest to say that that I was not not
under pressure to resign. Even my closest advisors were
affected by the media interpretation and, yes, I was extremely
disappointed that the Supreme Court had not effectively
closed the issue.

" chief of army staff, I have a
responsibility towards the army and its men and have to attend
to the unfinished tasks that I had set out for myself. I
cannot quit until I complete what I have started.
Organisational interests are supreme," he told a
magazine in an interview.

Gen Singh said many commentators were looking at this
matter as a classic case of strained civil-military relations,
and drew parallels with the unfinished resignation of Gen KS
Thimmayya, to predict his resignation.

"But I see the age as something that I and the army
have to address, and we will do it once we are given a legal
order," he said in reply to a question about the wide
speculation that he would resign since the Supreme Court did
not uphold his case.

Gen Singh said the apex court order has created more
confusion, without addressing the main issue. It talks of a
statutory complaint being divided into two parts--the process
of decision-making on the one hand and maintainability on the