Arvind Kejriwal had `requested` for bungalows on Bhagwan Das Road

Arvind Kejriwal`s lie has been nailed regarding the two official bungalows that had been allotted to him initially at Bhagwan Das Road.

Zee Media Bureau/Manisha Singh

New Delhi: Delhi Chief Minister and Aam Aadmi Party convener Arvind Kejriwal`s lie has been nailed regarding the two official bungalows that had been allotted to him initially at Bhagwan Das Road, a prime location in the heart of national capital.

Zee Media has exclusive information that Kejriwal had asked for the two duplex bungalows, spread over 9,000 sq ft of ground, in a letter written to Lt Governor Najeeb Jung, after he was sworn in as the CM of Delhi and they were not given to him, as he had told the media.

The letter was written by Secretary to the Delhi CM, Rajendra Kumar, in which he had requested that bungalows 6/7 and 7/7, belonging to the DDA, be given to Kejriwal. The letter is dated December 30, 2013. Zee News is in possession of the letter.
The letter reads as such - "Honourable Chief Minister has requested for allotment of House No. 6/7 and 7/7 at Bhagwan Das Road, New Delhi...Which belongs to DDA. It is requested that the same may kindly be made available to the government of NCT of Delhi, for further allotment to the Chief Minister. Government of NCT of Delhi would be providing two type VI houses in exchange of the above two houses."

The houses were approved by the LG the same day.

When Kejriwal was quetioned by the media on the size of the bungalows, he had told the media on January 01, 2014 - “Two houses are there. One house has five rooms. I will stay in one house. The other house will be used for office. If you have any objection, tell me. Also, compare these houses to the area in which the ex-CM stayed.”

However, the very next day after criticism for the massive bungalows escalated, Kejriwal told the media that he would not be moving in them. “There has been a lot of controversy regarding the house I was to shift into. But my friends, party supporters and even the public feel that I should not stay in that house. So, I am leaving these two houses,” he said on January 04, 2014.
Later, the Delhi CM shifted into a three-bedroom house at Tilak Lane in the Lutyen`s zone on February 01, which was allotted to him by the Urban Development Ministry. It is a type VI ground floor house. It is near the Patiala House court and is said be to spread across about 1,600 square feet area with a lawn and community park nearby.

Kejriwal had come under fire for opting for the bungalows on Bhagwan Das Road after saying that the AAP ministers would do away with the VIP culture and would not stay in huge houses or use the read beacon. The Delhi CM was criticised for doing a U-turn on what he and his party members had said.