Arvind Kejriwal`s `obsession for clean politics` angers Congress MLAs, reveals sting operation

In the biggest undercover operation, Zee Media on Friday revealed the truth behind Congress` support to Aam Aadmi Party for forming government in the national capital.

Updated: Dec 28, 2013, 18:07 PM IST

Zee Media Bureau

New Delhi: In the biggest undercover operation this year, Zee Media on Friday revealed the truth behind Congress` backing to Aam Aadmi Party for forming a government in the national capital.

The exposé uncovers the intention of five out of eight Congress MLAs, a day ahead of the swearing-in ceremony of the Delhi government. The MLAs expressed their anger over Kejriwal`s letter to Congress president Sonia Gandhi in which he had listed 18 issues that included ending VIP culture in the capital, audit of electricity companies and removal of MLA local funds scheme. Notably, the Congress has extended unconditional support of its eight MLAs to AAP for forming the next government.

The operation exposes the mistrust between the AAP and Congress when the latter`s five MLAs were caught using scandalous and disgraceful language to express their ire against Kejriwal, who tapped into public anger to take the AAP to the corridors of power.

Jai Kishan, the five-time Congress MLA from Sultanpur Majra, not only slammed but also abused Aam Aadmi Party leader Arvind Kejriwal, who will on Saturday take oath as Delhi`s seventh Chief Minister.

Talking to two undercover reporters of Zee Media, Jai Kishan scoffed at Kejriwal and accused the AAP leader of befooling people. “Is he (Kejriwal) a sevak? Will he clean naali with broom? Will he change the Constitution,” asked Jai Kishan. Sounding miffed with the AAP leader, Kishan said that Kejriwal has no knowledge of politics and has played with people`s sentiments.

When asked about his support to Jan Lokpal Bill, the key promise made by Kejriwal, Jai Kishan said that Delhi already has a Lokayukta.

Whether MLAs are not supposed to pay tea bills and other perks, asked Jai Kishan when he was asked about the austerity plans of Kejriwal. “What sort of nonsense is this?”

The angry MLA went on to say that someone like him will hit Kejriwal with shoes inside the Assembly.

On being asked about the Congress` strategy to support AAP, Jai Kishan said that they will let the Kejriwal-led party work for around two years since the AAP leader has already said that he would fulfil all his promises within a span of just six months. Will he overrule Assembly and pass his bills, asked Jai Kishan.
Talking about Kejriwal`s plans to remove MLAs fund, the Congress MLA from Sultanpur Majra asked: “Will he (Kejriwal) change the constitution of Congress and the BJP?” In another shocking statement, Jai Kishan said that Kejriwal thinks other political parties are “impotent”. Kejriwal`s obsession for clean politics will have a reality check soon, he added.

Another Congress MLA from Okhla, Asif Mohammad Khan, called Kejriwal a `mad` person. When asked about the reason behind giving support to the AAP, Khan said the motive is to finish off the débutante.

Khan ridiculed the AAP leader for rejecting a lavish bungalow, `lal bathi` (red beacon), and a vehicle.

Reacting to Zee Media operation, Khan dismissed the revelation and instead threatened to cross all the limits in the Assembly if the AAP uses unparliamentary language against senior Congress leaders.

Hasan Ahmed, the MLA of Mustafabad, said Kejriwal needs a political training and should rise above bureaucracy.

Talking to undercover reporters, a worried Ahmed said that if Kejriwal will remove MLA funds, the AAP leader will be vanished.

It is our compulsion and we have no other option but to support Kejriwal, said Ahmed, scoffing at the AAP leader for transferring MLAs fund to Mohalla Sabha.

Badli MLA Devender Yadav, while speaking to the undercover reporters, raised doubt if Kejriwal would be able to run the government for five years.

Chaudhary Matin Ahmed, Seelampur MLA, said the Congress` support to AAP is nothing more than a drama. He said though his party is being ridiculed, but it will be fun to support the AAP in the Assembly.

Reacting to the “Operation Sarkar”, BJP spokesperson Meenakshi Lekhi said the AAP will form the government on Saturday despite the revelations made by Zee Media. The `broom` cannot be used without the support of the `hand`. Arvind Kejriwal is just following the orders, said Lekhi.