Aseemanand`s `confession` Cong`s diversionary tactic: BJP

BJP sought to project Swami Aseemanand`s reported confession of his involvement in Samjhauta blast as a diversionary tactic by Congress.

Updated: Jan 07, 2011, 23:07 PM IST

Guwahati: BJP on Friday sought to project
Swami Aseemanand`s reported confession of his involvement in
Samjhauta blast as a diversionary tactic by Congress in the
wake of latest revelations in the Bofors case, accusing the
ruling party of giving leverage to Pakistani terrorists by
throwing the blame on Hindu radicals for their acts.

"There is a clear pattern behind this. Day before
yesterday, media widely covered the statement of former driver
of Ottavio Quattrocchi and the security officer of the Gandhi
family to demonstrate the very intimate relationship between
Quattrocchi and late Rajiv Gandhi and Sonia Gandhi," BJP
Spokesperson Ravi Shankar Prasad said to a news agency.

Claiming that there was no denial from the Congress on
the allegations, he said, "Suddenly we find selective leaks by
the investigating agency seeking to link Aseemanand with some
leaders of RSS. This is condemnable and a design to divert

The BJP leader maintained that this would weaken the
fight against terror.

"When you use and abuse CBI and other investigative
agencies for the personal agenda of Congress, more
particularly to divert attention from scams after scams
against the Congress, then you are compromising the fight
against terror," Prasad said.

He alleged that those who are doing this, including
Congress leaders, do not understand the long term damage they
are causing to the fight against terror.

"The UPA had told the entire world including the U N
that terrorists from Pakistan were involved in the Samjhauta
Express blast.

Now if you say they were Hindu radicals, then you are
giving leverage to terrorists in Pakistan to deny their
involvement in any terrorist attack in India and throwing the
blame on Hindu radicals," Prasad said.

The development concerning Aseemanand has come a day
before the National Executive of the BJP is meeting here.

The BJP reaction came close on the heels of Congress
stopping short of asking for a ban on the RSS after Swami
Aseemanand`s reported confession of his involvement in
Samjhauta blast.

Congress termed the development as indicative of
"Sanghi terrorism" and advocated strict action against such
organisations and people.

"Reports about the confessions of Aseemanand which
have appeared in media have brought out the new terror face of

This is Sanghi terrorism which poses a big threat to
the country," party spokesperson Shakeel Ahmed said.

Ahmed said the involvement of RSS activists in terror
acts will not help the country`s fight against the terrorism
from across the border and will only weaken as it will not
have a good impact when the world comes to know that Indians
themselves are involved in the blast.

Senior party leader Digvijay Singh accused BJP and RSS
of "poisoning communal harmony" in the country. He held the
two two outfits responsbile for the terror acts perpetrated by
"fringe fanatic groups belonging to minority community and by
activists of RSS."

He said that the statement of Aseemanand clearly shows
that the entire conspiracy for Samjhauta Express blast was
hatched at Shabari dhaam.

To a question on whether he feels vindicated after
Aseemnand`s confession, Singh said: "I have been saying this
for a long time. Unfortunately people were not taking my views
seriously. The country faces threat from fanatic extreme
ideologies with religious overtones."

Singh, however, dismissed contentions of banning the
RSS saying "banning an organization does not help."

To another question on whether he feels that the
banning Student Islamic Movement of India (SIMI) was also not
required, he said," this is something that the Government of
India should look....banning is not answer."

"You banned SIMI. Those people started some other
organisation. LeT was banned in Pakistan. The same people
started some other organization. RSS has more than 150 wings.

How many will you ban. It has to be a continious fight against
communalism." He at the same time made it clear that he was
not equating LeT with any other organization.

In a remark which could create a fresh controversy,
the AICC general secretary said that RSS did not believe in
the Godhead of Lord Rama.

"RSS does not believe in Sri Ram as a God as an ideal
man. Even Vinayak Damodar Savarkar and Madhav Sadashi
Golwalkar (former RSS head) always held that Sri Ram was not a
God though in Sanatan Dharma Ram is God. These people have
misused the name of Rama for political gains. RSS should stop
playing with Hindu religion," Singh said.

The senior Congress leader said that BJP and RSS must
introspect that whether they should support those who have
been instigating communal violence and hatred "which has led
to right wing terror activities by the activists of RSS".

"Mahatma Gandhi was not killed by Nathuram Godse but
by the ideology inculcated by extreme fanatic thinking which
unfortunately still prevails."

Singh also accused BJP of trying to intefere into

"BJP and RSS should not interfere in the on-going
investigations and let the agencies do their job. They are
trying to leveal allegations on CBI and NIA now in the same
manner in which they have done it on Maharashtra ATS. They are
regularly levelling allegatioins against the agencies," Singh