‘Baby Falak critical, chances of survival slim’

According to the team of doctors monitoring Falak`s condition, in spite of many infections, the baby`s vital organs are functioning properly.

New Delhi: Fighting a grim battle for life since the past 16 days at AIIMS, the condition of two-year-old Falak further deteriorated on Thursday due to an infection in blood which has increased her chances of suffering a multi-organ failure.
Admitted in a battered state at the Jai Prakash Narayan Apex Trauma Centre of AIIMS since January 18, this infection in the blood has complicated her condition further as she has already contracted infection in the brain(meningitis) which is
yet to be controlled.

"She is still critical and her chances of survival continues to remain less than 50 per cent as she has developed high chances of multi-organ failure as the organism that has caused infection in the brain are there in the chest and have now entered the blood.

"We can say she has developed septicaemia or sepsis that can spread to other organs like kidney and liver too," Neurosurgeon Dr Deeepak Agarwal said.

Doctors will send her body fluid samples for another round of culture today to see if she is responding to antibiotics and also to detect the organism that has caused
infection in the blood.

Falak has already undergone two life saving surgeries till now.

She was brought to the hospital on January 18 with severe head injury, both her arms broken, bite marks all over her body and her cheeks branded with hot iron.

The teenage girl, who brought her there claiming to be her mother, had cited a fall from the bed as the reason for the child`s pathetic state.

"Every moment is crucial now. All will depend on how she respond to the treatment," Dr Agarwal said.