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Bedi warns another movement after Budget session

Team Anna member Kiran Bedi asked the people to remain prepared for another movement if no strong Lokpal bill is passed during budget session.

Jaipur: Team Anna member Kiran Bedi today
asked the people to remain prepared for another movement if no
strong Lokpal bill is passed during budget session of

She said that if the government failed to pass a
strong Lokpal bill during the upcoming budget session, people
should remain prepare for Anna`s call to press for their
demand of strong Lokpal.

"If a strong Lokpal bill is not passed in forthcoming
budget session, Anna may give a call accordingly and you
remain prepared to follow his call. If he gives a call to move
to Delhi, move with other volunteers," she said in reply to a
question asked by a woman at a seminar here.

"The movement has gone beyond Anna and team Anna and
has become a movement of every household. Volunteers of India
Against Corruption are increasing countrywide and you all
should focus on consistent meetings, awareness programme and
other preparations," she said.
Bedi also highlighted rule 49-O of Conduct of Election
Rules which allows a voter to register his presence at the
polling booth without casting the vote in favour of any

"Importance of vote is highly significant and this is
what everybody should know. It is vote due to which a
candidate wins or loses.
"We need `Right to Reject` but we can also use rule
49-O under which we may decided to not to vote for anyone, if
we do not find any suitable candidate, after registering our
presence at the booth," she said, adding, that not many were
aware about this rule even some presiding officers.

She said that assembly polls were just rehearsal and
their main focus was 2014-general elections.


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