Bhushan CD not doctored: Govt lab

As per the Central Forensic Sciences Lab, "there is continuity in the conversation".

Updated: Apr 21, 2011, 15:28 PM IST

New Delhi: The CD controversy involving
eminent lawyer Shanti Bhushan took a new turn on Thursday with a
government forensic lab refuting his claims that it was
doctored triggering demands for his resignation from the joint
committee to draft Lokpal Bill.

The forensic analysis conducted by Central Forensic
Sciences Laboratory (CFSL) located here has said "there is
continuity in the conversation".

"Recorded conversation is in continuity, no abrupt
change in speech signal has been detected," police sources
said quoting from the report.

They also said there was no change in background
voice pattern.

The purported telephone conversation among Shanti
Bhushan, Yadav and Singh suggested attempts being made at
influencing a judge.

However, S R Singh, Director of Truth Labs, which
conducted its tests on behalf of Bhushan, maintained that he
would stand by the report he had given that it was doctored.

The conversation had "multiple gaps and signs of
electronic editing at very very critical places", Singh had
said in his report.

The CD and its transcript were shown to complainant
Shashi Bhushan, who is co-chairperson of the joint committee
to draft the Lok Pal Bill, and got it countersigned by Bhushan
before it was given to the lab for testing, they said.

Delhi Police spokesperson Rajan Bhagat said
the case has been transferred to the special cell for

Sources said they may call in Bhushan for questioning
in connection with the case. They also said the genuineness of
the CD can be conclusively proved if they can find the
original CD and compare it with the audio files.

The new report triggered a fresh round of war of words
with Amar Singh demanding the resignation of Shanti Bhushan
and Prashant Bhushan from the joint drafting committee on
Lokpal Bill while civil society members raised doubts over the
forensic test reports.

Amar Singh said, "at least on moral grounds Bhushans
should quit the panel (drafting panel) and Anna Hazare should
replace them with someone more credible."

Countering Singh`s demand, human right activist Swami
Agnivesh expressed surprise over two different report on the
same CD.

"It is surprising that CFSL report claims the CD is
not doctored. American experts have confirmed tampering, so
CFSL report cannot be trusted fully," he said.

"It is a conspiracy against the anti-corruption
movement led by Anna Hazare. There should be an investigation
as to how this CD from 2006 came out suddenly and who is
responsible behind it," he added.

Agnivesh demanded the CD should be verified from more
labs and authorities to get a common view.

Another member of the Lokpal Bill Drafting Committee
Arvind Kejriwal refused to comment on the controversy.

"I don`t have to say anything. Talk to Prashant
Bhushan. I am here to draft the Lokpal Bill. My motive is not
to get into this. My motive is that the country gets a good
anti-corruption law. I am devoting all my energies into it and
dint want to divert," he said.

Meanwhile, Congress General Secretary Digvijay Singh
commenting on the reports targeted Bhushan for getting the CD
verified on their own.

"Shanti Bhushan does investigation on his own saying I
am clean. This is a new way of investigating charges. I think
this is intriguing that this crusaders of corruption,
father-son duo, does not find corruption in allotment of two
pieces of 1000 square meter land in Noida."

Police have also recovered the CD from an English
newspaper which will be sent for forensic examination. The
senior Bhushan in his complaint had mentioned that the
newspaper reporter had approached him for his comments with
the CD.

Police had earlier registered a case under Section 469
(forgery intended to cause disreputation) against unknown
persons on a complaint filed by Bhushan, who alleged that the
CD was forged and intended to malign his reputation and derail
the process of joint drafting committee on Lokpal Bill.