BJP distances itself from Uma`s Walmart remarks

BJP on Friday distanced itself from the fiery comments of its leader Uma Bharti that she would burn down Walmart stores if they are opened in India.

New Delhi: BJP on Friday distanced itself from
the fiery comments of its leader Uma Bharti that she would
burn down Walmart multi-brand stores if they are opened in
India, and maintained that the party was against violence in
any form and would democratically oppose FDI in retail.
Asked about Bharti`s comments, BJP leader Murli Manohar
Joshi told reporters that the party does not believe in
burning down stores though there may be a lot of anger among
the common people against the government move to allow 51 per
cent FDI in multi-brand retail.

He said that BJP does not encourage or incite violence
and that his stand-and not the views expressed by Bharti-
was the official view of the party.

At the same time, he said that earlier when such
multi-brand stores were opened by some Indian companies, the
farmers had attacked and vandalised them to vent their

Meanwhile, Bharti- who had earlier today in Lucknow
threatened to burn down Walmart stores if they were opened in
India- dashed off letters to party leader L K Advani, Art of
Living Founder Sri Sri Ravishankar, Govindacharya, Baba Ramdev
and Anna Hazare, expressing her concern over FDI in
multi-brand retail.

In the letter, Bharti said only 10 per cent of the
people had benefitted from economic liberalisation while 90
per cent have been victims which include farmers, labourers
and small traders.
"By giving an invitation to Walmart, the Central
government has declared a war on seven lakh poor who are
employed in retail trade," Bharti said.

In the letter, she appealed to the five people to treat
the move similar to the way they have treated black money and
corruption issues and suggest ways like they did on Lokpal
front to deal with it.

"Just as black money is associated with corruption, so
much freedom given to these foreign companies is also
associated with corruption," Bharti said.

She said to protect the "food and jobs" of the poor, "a
new freedom struggle" against the government decision should
be started.


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