BJP is going through phase of ideological confusion: Digvijay

Congress General Secretary Digvijay Singh on Sunday said that BJP was going through a phase of ideological confusion.

Updated: Aug 30, 2009, 17:58 PM IST

Bhopal: Congress General Secretary Digvijay
Singh on Sunday said that BJP was going through a phase of
ideological confusion.

"This ideological confusion was caused by the fact
that the BJP was unable to decide how much of Hindutva it
should have on its agenda," Singh said while talking
informally to reporters.

He said that there was not much meaning in senior BJP
leader, Arun Shourie`s suggestion that the RSS should take
over the BJP as it was already running that party.

Singh said that not much importance should be given to
all that was happening within the BJP as it may not continue
for long and will not have much impact.

When asked that frequency of his visits to Bhopal has
come down, he said he did not think so.

Answering a question, Singh said that Madhya Pradesh
Congress President, Suresh Pachouri neither stops him from
coming nor says yes to his visits to the State.

Chouhan as BJP president

Digvijay Singh today
said that he might be happy to see the present State Chief
Minister, Shivraj Singh Chouhan become the national president
of BJP.

During an informal conversation with reporters, he was
asked what he thought of press reports that Chouhan was tipped
to succeed Rajnath Singh as the next BJP President.

"Let him go from here and then we shall see," he

Digvijay not to counter Amar`s statements

Digvijay Singh said that he has taken a conscious decision not to counter any statement made by Samajwadi Party General Secretary, Amar Singh.

"I have taken this decision as I do not want to add
unpleasantness to any situation," Singh said while making this clear when asked about his comment on
Singh`s statement that although his party saved the
government over the nuclear deal last year, the UPA was now
rewarding those who were opposed to it then.

Asked about the appointment of Sudheendra Kulkarni as a
member of railway committee, the Congress General Secretary
said that there were mercenary soldiers all over.

He said that such mercenary soldiers may exist even in
the Congress, adding that they were there even in journalism.

‘Forest Act be amended to benefit tribals’

There was an urgent need to amend Indian Forest Act
of 1927 to suit modern day needs and requirements, Digvijay Singh
said while talking informally to reporters.

Singh said that this Act
was made to benefit British, the then ruler of the country,
and did not take into account the interests of tribals and
forest dwellers.

He said that during his stint as Madhya Pradesh Chief
Minister from 1993 to 2003 he had tried his best to get the
Forest Act amended but could not succeed.

The Act should be amended in such a way that tribals and
those living in the forests get ownership of the produce
whether minor or major available there.

"Right now, this produce belongs to the State and is of
not much use for anyone," he said.

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