BJP mouthpiece blames infighting, indiscipline for defeats

Last Updated: Thursday, November 12, 2009 - 20:36

New Delhi: In an acknowledgement of the
poor state of affairs in BJP, party mouthpiece "Kamal Sandesh"
has said Lok Sabha and other poll defeats were caused due to
infighting, lack of discipline and unity in the party.

"A feeling of hurt is pervading the mind of every BJP
karyakarta (worker) for quite sometime. It is not for the
first time that they have tasted defeat in elections but they
were never so disheartened or morose. But today, every
karyakarta is feeling depressed. He is perturbed," the
mouthpiece says in its editorial of November 16 issue.
It draws a comparison between the 2004 Lok Sabha poll
defeat and the one in 2009. "At that time also (2004), BJP
failed to make a mark in the electoral battles in Maharashtra,
Arunachal Pradesh and Haryana," the editorial points out.

But the difference between the situation in 2004 and
2009 is "as much as between day and night", it adds.

Kamal Sandesh has also listed the defeats in assembly
elections. "BJP cannot ignore the fact that it was not
successful in the polls in Uttar Pradesh. Election results in
Rajasthan and Delhi hurt the karyakartas," it states.

It makes a scathing comment on infighting in the
party`s Rajasthan unit.

"The situation as developed in Rajasthan later pinched
the heart of common karyakarta in the country. Where will the
party go without discipline and unity? Why did we lose Delhi,
the heart of the country? Is the party leadership unaware of
the reasons that led to its defeat in elections?" the Kamal
Sandesh editorial states.
The recent crisis in BJP in Karnataka, where
Bellary mining magnate and Reddy brothers had raised a banner
of revolt against Chief Minister B S Yeddyurappa, has also
come in for criticism in the editorial.

"What is happening in Karnataka?...can BJP karyakartas
raise their heads in pride when discipline was the hallmark of
its day-to-day functioning? No. Never," it says.

"We have to stem the rot and timely too. Putting the
blame on others will help no leader, no worker of the party.
Leadership will have to understand the reasons because of
which the party has come to such a pass. The sooner it is
done, the better. The time to act has come," it states.

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First Published: Thursday, November 12, 2009 - 20:36
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