BJP practising `anarchist brand` of politics: Ashwani

Planning Minister Ashwani Kumar said the main opposition party is resorting to "anarchist brand" of politics.

Updated: Aug 28, 2012, 20:51 PM IST

New Delhi: Attacking BJP for disrupting Parliament, Planning Minister Ashwani Kumar on Tuesday said the main opposition party is resorting to "anarchist brand" of politics and as he dubbed the demand for Prime Minister Manmohan Singh`s resignation as "unpardonable" act.

"Having been pushed to the margins and repeatedly rebuffed in the people`s court on account of its negative political agenda, the BJP is now resorting to an anarchist brand of politics defined by an utterly reprehensible idiom of political discourse, hoping to make itself relevant once again," Kumar told reporters here.

Slamming BJP for causing logjam in Parliament after CAG report on coal block allocation, he said the Prime Minister had come out with a "clear, comprehensive and cogent rebuttal" of "patently untenable allegations against the government based on flawed and disputable assumptions in the CAG report on coal mines allocation.

Singh`s statement in Parliament yesterday has "decisively nailed the goebbelsian falsehoods sought to be perpetuated by the BJP," Kumar said.

He said, "The new low in political discourse scored by the top leaders of the BJP in their press conference has indeed showed the BJP as a party with a difference."

On BJP leader Arun Jaitley`s comment that the party does not mind being isolated on the issue, Kumar said, "The plea of "majestic isolation is an admission by the BJP of its political isolation and electoral marginalization.

"Such is the desperation of the BJP and the perversity of its approach that a spokesperson of the party has thought it fit to equate a debate in parliament with legitimising corruption. Such a preposterous statement is an unpardonable contempt of Parliament - the highest forum of Indian democracy."