BJP runs on lies and Twitter: Congress

The Congress said the BJP is a confused party which does not know what its agenda is and runs on "lies" and "Twitter" only.

Srinagar: The Congress on Monday said the BJP is a confused party which does not know what its agenda is and runs on "lies" and "Twitter" only.

"The BJP is a confused party. It does not know what its agenda is. Sometimes its leaders talk about communalism and sometimes about secularism.

"Sometimes the party talks about special programmes for minorities and sometimes it says we think everyone is alike," Congress spokesperson Meem Afzal told reporters here.

"The BJP says everyone is alike. If everyone is alike before you (BJP), then why did you not give ticket to any member of the minority community for Gujarat elections.

"It is a confused party and they should first get rid of that confusion and then talk about anything else," Afzal said.

Reacting to Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi`s speech in Pune yesterday, the Congress spokesman said Modi is lying about the progress in Gujarat.

"His state is lagging behind in sports and education. He does not know anything else than lying," he said.

"The BJP is a party which runs on lies and Twitter. It remains to be seen how many people on Twitter vote for the party."

On Modi`s `burqa (veil) of secularism` remark, the Congress spokesperson said everyone knows his party`s secular credentials.

"The Congress is an open book of secularism. Everyone knows we have always batted for secularism and people vote for us seeing our secular credentials." he said.

On AFSPA, the Congress national spokesperson said "appropriate steps will be taken at an appropriate time."

Afzal was in Kashmir valley to brief the media about the party`s dream project "Food Security Bill" which he termed as a "historical bill".

"It is a historical bill. It is the world`s largest social security scheme which will benefit nearly 81 crore people," he said.

Around 50 per cent of population in urban areas and 75 per cent in rural areas will be covered under the scheme, the Congress leader said.


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