BJP using `intemperate language` against PM: Sibal

Sibal said in India`s history there had been no other Prime Minister who was "so open, upfront and honest" despite the "pure politics" being played by BJP.

New Delhi: Congress on Monday attacked the
BJP for using "intemperate language" against Prime Minister
Manmohan Singh for his comments that he was ready to depose
before the PAC and said the NDA should first "look inwards" at
its own record on corruption.

"We are really surprised at the intemperate response
of the BJP to the very open statement of the Prime Minister
that in the event the PAC desires for him personally to
appear, even though there is no precedent in Parliamentary
history for that to happen," senior Congress leader and
Telecom Minister Kapil Sibal told reporters here.

He was responding to BJP leader Arun Jaitley`s
comments that breaking of silence by the Prime Minister on the
2G spectrum scam was welcome but he cannot choose the forum of
his "inquiry".

While Singh offered to appear before the PAC, he ruled
out a JPC to look into the 2G spectrum scam.

Sibal said in India`s history there had been no other
Prime Minister who was "so open, upfront and honest" despite
the "pure politics" being played by BJP.

He claimed that BJP did not even trust the PAC which
was headed by its own leader.

"This is the level of arrogance which I have never
seen before. They do not trust their own senior leader Murli
Manohar Josh, who is heading the PAC. Whom will they trust
then?" Sibal asked, adding that he did not expect such an
"intemperate response" from the party.

Democracy does not function by disrupting Parliament,
he maintained.

Sibal insisted that the BJP should look within before
levelling charges of corruption against the Congress.

"I wonder if the Leader of Opposition in the Rajya
Sabha (Arun Jaitley) has looked inward at his own conscience
and ever asked himself this question as to the record of the
BJP on corruption in the past," he said.

The eminent lawyer said several scams had taken place
during the BJP-NDA regime and enumerated the Tehelka sting
operation which saw the government setting up a Commission to
"prosecute" Tehelka owner tarun Tejpal, BJP President Bangaru
Laxman being caught on camera accepting a bribe, allotment of
prime land to RSS associates and the Judeo tapes.

He sought to know the BJP`s stand on Karnataka where
Chief Minister B S Yeddyurappa is facing charges of land grab.

He also alleged that the erstwhile NDA government tried to
remove the name of senior BJP leader L K Advani from a

"In Congress history, nobody who has been
chargesheeted has been a Prime Ministerial candidate," Sibal

"I request the BJP to look inward, do some
brainstorming. Corruption is not a one-party issue. As Sonia
Gandhi has said, it is a big problem.... Congress will not
spare anyone found guilty, however high his post maybe," the
minister added.

Drawing a parallel with cricketer Sachin Tendulkar,
Sibal said achievers like him are full of modesty while "NDA
is immodest though it has always failed".