BJP wants to `ratchet up` tension in UP for electoral gains: Congress

Congress on Thursday alleged that BJP wants to "ratchet up" tension for electoral gains in Uttar Pradesh.

Updated: Sep 19, 2013, 19:12 PM IST

New Delhi: Congress on Thursday alleged that BJP wants to "ratchet up" tension for electoral gains in Uttar Pradesh, and demanded arrest of all those against whom arrest warrants were issued in connection with Muzaffarnagar riots.

Congress spokesperson Meem Afzal said that "threats" issued by Uma Bharti is a clear indication that it (BJP) wants to ratchet up tension for electoral gains.

Bharti has warned of more tension and said SP government will be responsible for what would follow if her party MLAs are arrested.

Yesterday, Bharti had said, "If any MLA is arrested then all the legislators would court arrest and fight on the streets".

"Except for one group, nobody will benefit from the prevailing tense situation in western UP... Whatever happened outside Assembly in Lucknow yesterday would further vitiate the atmosphere," he said.

"All those who have instigated people should be arrested. CDs are available and they should not be spared irrespective of their party affiliations," he said.

Afzal said UP government has acted in "irresponsible" manner and all political parties should make efforts to create conducive atmosphere for the return of close to 40,000 people, presently living in camps, back to their homes.

The Congress leader also appeared to be critical of Additional Director of Police, UP, Arun Kumar for his decision to go on leave as he was said to be unhappy over some of the state government`s decisions.

"In such a crucial situation, a senior officer should discharge his responsibilities instead of going on leave," he said.

Kumar played an important role in restoration of peace in Muzaffarnagar as he had camped in the riot-hit district and led the police action. He has sought central deputation and has proceeded on a leave.