Black money: 15 names out

A magazine and a TV channel have released a list of 15 individuals and trusts.

Zeenews Bureau

New Delhi: The government may have said its hands were tied but a news magazine and a TV channel have managed to catch hold of and release a list of 15 individuals and trusts allegedly holding secret accounts in the tax haven of Lichetenstein.

The list was released on Friday.

The list was handed over to the Indian government in March 2009 and the Centre had taken the stand that the names could not be disclosed because these had been given by the German government on confidential terms.

The list contains the names of 12 individuals and three foundations without their address and the business they are involved in, as also the amounts they have allegedly stashed in these accounts.

The Tehelka news magazine said it had approached each of the individuals involved and was awaiting their response pending which they are not giving details though it had given the names.

However, several news organisations revealed the names, citing their source as the English news channel.

The names of those who have stashed black money abroad include:

1. Manoj Dhupelia; 2. Rupal Dhupelia; 3. Mohan Dhupelia; 4. Hasmukh Gandhi; 5. Chintan Gandhi; 6. Dilip Mehta; 7. Arun Mehta; 8. Arun Kochar; 9. Gunwanti Mehta; 10. Rajnikant Mehta; 11. Prabodh Mehta; 12. Ashok Jaipuria; 13. Raj Foundation; 14. Urvashi Foundation; 15. Ambrunova Trust

According to the TV channel, Kochi IPL co-owners, the Mehta brothers, also figure in the list.

Reports said a probe by government agencies was already underway into the details and the source of Kochi IPL co-owners’ black money.


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