`Border with China one of the most peaceful‘

External Affairs Ministry spokesperson Vishnu Prakash downplayed the incidents of Chinese patrols straying across to the Indian side. .

New Delhi: India on Thursday said Chinese patrols
do "stray" across to the Indian side but downplayed such
incidents holding that its boundary with China is one of the
"most peaceful and tranquil."

"We have a very long boundary with China. The Line of
Actual Control (LAC) with China has not yet been delineated
and, therefore, since the Line has not been delineated, there
are differences in perception which is very natural and I
said it is a long border.

"So from time to time, the patrols do stray across. This
is not new. This does happen. But when it happens, they revert
to their areas," official spokesperson in External Affairs
Ministry Vishnu Prakash said.

He was responding to questions on reports of recent
incursions by Chinese patrols along the LAC.

"I would like to highlight that India-China boundary is
one of the most peaceful, one of the most tranquil boundaries
that we have," he said.

Prakash said India and China have a "very good mechanism"
and if there is any issue pertaining to such incursions, they
are "immediately taken up and amicably resolved".

To another question about the recent reports that one of
India`s most wanted and global terrorists Dawaood Ibrahim`s
son`s marriage reception was being held in Pakistan, he said
the `most wanted` list has been shared with Pakistan.

"We have taken up this issue of most wanted people who we
believe are in Pakistan or territories controlled by Pakistan.

They have told us that these people are not there,
specifically about Dawood Ibrahim that he is not there".

Asked whether it was not obvious that Ibrahim was there
because of the reception, he said, "That is precisely my
point", implying that there was contradiction in what Pakistan
was saying and the actual situation.


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