Budget session successful for Opposition: BJP

BJP on Friday described the just- concluded budget session of Parliament as "successful" for the Opposition which "raised the bar of accountability" for the government.

Last Updated: Mar 25, 2011, 21:07 PM IST

New Delhi: BJP on Friday described the just-
concluded budget session of Parliament as "successful" for the
Opposition which "raised the bar of accountability" for the
government and cornered the UPA on issues like JPC on 2G
spectrum scam, CVC issue and the WikiLeaks expose.

"For the opposition it was a very successful session.
Firstly, because the Parliament functioned. After the washout
of the winter session the Frequently Asked Question was
whether it will function. Secondly, our demand for a JPC on
2-G spectrum scam was accepted," Leader of the Opposition in
Lok Sabha Sushma Swaraj told reporters.
The principal opposition held a press conference after
the end of the budget session.

Leader of the Opposition in Rajya Sabha Arun Jaitley
insisted that the session became the one of accountability.

"We take satisfaction in that we raised the bar of
accountability of the government," he said.

Swaraj maintained that BJP did not treat formation of
JPC- which had led to washout of the winter session - "as a
victory for itself or a loss for the government."

The senior leader enumerated the CVC issue and "issues
of human interest" like attacks on Indian fishermen by Sri
Lankan navy, plight of Indian sailors held captive by Somali
pirates, harassment of Indian students in Tri Valley
University in US, and preventing use of tobacco to control

"The CVC issue reached its logical conclusion," Swaraj
said. The Supreme Court had quashed the appointment of P J
Thomas as CVC as a case of corruption was pending against him.
Jaitley criticised Prime Minister Manmohan Singh`s
comments that he accepts responsibility for CVC`s appointment,
saying it was a "bald generic statement". He said Singh should
not have gone ahead with Thomas` appointment when Swaraj had
already informed him of the pending corruption case.

Swaraj insisted that while behaving like a "responsible
and constructive opposition" the BJP had also functioned as an
"aggressive opposition".

To drive home her point, Swaraj said the opposition had
staged a walkout on March 22 on the cash-for-vote issue when
the government did not agree to a debate on Prime Minister`s
statement that no bribe was paid during the 2008 Trust Vote.

"We made a strong attack on the government on the Prime
Minister`s statement. But the very next day we came to the
government`s rescue during introduction on the Pension
Regulatory Bill," Swaraj said.

Jaitley alleged that under attack from the opposition in
both Houses of Parliament, the government tried to divert
attention from main issues during debates.

"On the appointment of CVC, even after the session is
over we have not learnt much about what pressure or compulsion
was there on the PM (to choose Thomas). Government also does
not appear serious about the loss in 2-G spectrum. It wants to
deflect the attack. On cash-for-vote, the government did not
go into hard facts of bribery but into who exposed," he said.

Jaitley lamented that despite the opposition raising
the bar of accountability, there is "still a question-mark" on
the seriousness of the government.