Carve out Tamil Eelam from Sri Lanka: DMK MP

TR Baalu said India shouand other international for carving out such a state for ensuring peace and tranquility for Tamils.

New Delhi: India should prevail upon the UN for carving out a separate Tamil Eelam from Sinhala-dominated Sri Lanka as the "tyranny" in the Tamil areas was continuing, DMK said in the Lok Sabha on Wednesday.

Raising the issue during Zero Hour, party leader TR Baalu said army men were roaming around Tamil habitats in Sri Lanka and "thousands of people have been kept behind barbed wire fences".

He said, "tyranny is going on, it is continuing. Indo-Sri Lankan accord is not being ratified and 13th Amendment (devolution of powers to ethnic Tamils) is not being implemented".

Noting that DMK chief M Karunanidhi had underlined the need for a referendum for separate Tamil Eelam, he said India should prevail upon the UN and other international for a for carving out such a state for ensuring peace and tranquility for Tamils.

Baalu regretted that though the parliamentary delegation has returned from Sri Lanka, there has been no statement from the government.

R Thamaraiselvan (DMK) urged the government to adopt a mechanism to ensure that rehabilitation measures initiated by it for Lankan Tamils should reach them and not diverted.
Noting that there were reports that most of the houses constructed by India for displaced ethnic Tamils in Sri Lanka are under the Sinhalese occupation, he said the Sinhalese have been forcefully made to settle in those areas.
"I also urge upon the government to direct the Indian embassy in Sri Lanka to keep an eye on all these issues," he said.


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