CBI has evidence against Talwars?

The court had ordered the CBI to book the Talwar couple for the murder of Aarushi & Hemraj.

Zeenews Bureau

New Delhi: More sensational details surfaced in the Aarushi murder case on Thursday with reports claiming that CBI’s case diary has listed a number of witnesses, whose testimonies point to a clear attempt by Dr Rajesh Talwar to “dress up” the scene of crime.

As per the case diary, which was submitted to the court, the CBI has come to the conclusion that Dr Talwar was the only suspect. The conclusion is supposed to be based on bits and pieces of information provided by a bunch of evidences including a painter who was hired by Dr Talwar one and a half years after the double murder on May 16, 2008, purportedly to destroy evidence.

In an exclusive interaction with Zeenews, the painter named Shohrat narrated the details of how and when he was hired to re-paint the common wall separating Dr Rajesh Talwar’s room with Aarushi’s room, ceilings and other adjoining areas.

Shohrat said that he was contacted by a person named Vikas who used to work for Dr Talwar at his Hauz Khas clinic.

“Vikas told me that there is a room that has to be rented. So, you have to paint it with distemper”, said the painter.

The painter has revealed that the common wall was a wooden one and previously violet in colour, which he later painted brick red so as to match with the adjoining areas as instructed by Dr Rajesh Talwar and that he was given a remuneration of Rs 25,000 for the same.

The painter denies seeing any blood stains on the walls as it was in late 2009 that he went to Talwar’s house to paint the rooms. He said, “Dr sahib told me to paint and inform him if I found any object in the room. There were four chairs, some Nepali song cassettes and some insignificant papers in Hemraj’s room, whereas Aarushi’s room was empty.”

Shohrat has said that he was called by CBI for interrogation 3 months after he painted Talwar’s house in winters of 2009. He said that CBI questioned him for about one and a half hours and that he didn’t inform the Talwar couple about it.

CBI has got yet another crucial evidence in the statements of Sanjay Chouhan who said that he had seen blood stains at the stairs and it seemed as if a blood smeared body had been carried from Talwar’s room to the terrace. He also added that there were no blood stains on the stairs below the second floor.

It is to be noted that in a significant remark, Sanjay Chouhan claimed that he was shocked not to find a tinge of sorrow on the face of Talwar couple who were walking from one room to another, keeping themselves away from Aarushi’s room.

The CBI also depended on the statement of Talwar’s neighbor Punish Tandon, who has claimed that Dr Talwar had exclusive access to the terrace where Hemraj’s body was found. He has also told the investigating agency that prior to May 15, 2008 the door to the terrace was always kept open – the Talwars had claimed that they used to keep that door open at all times.

The other evidences that CBI can use to reinforce its case are Dr Rajiv Varshney and Dr Rohit Kochhar, both of them claim to have seen the blood stains on the stairs and the railings.

In the words of Dr Rohit Kochhar, “I reached at Dr Talwar’s residence on 16 May 2008. My friend Dr Rajiv Varshney, who too had arrived there, told me that he had seen blood-soiled feet marks on the stairs. Also, there were blood stains on the lock and handle of the terrace door. When we informed Dr Rajesh Talwar about it, and asked for the keys to unlock the terrace door, he climbed up few stairs and returned back and went inside the house without saying anything.”

Dr Varshney had also informed the police officer Akhilesh about the blood soiled feet marks leading up to the terrace but no action was taken citing that the keys were missing.

Thus, joining the bits and pieces together from the statements of the various evidences, CBI may seek to strengthen its stand that Rajesh Talwar had tried to botch the evidence at the crime scene.

The CBI has mentioned in its closure report that it had circumstantial evidence on the basis of which it suspects the Talwar couple’s hand in Aarushi and Hemraj’s murder.

After taking cognizance of the CBI’s closure report, the court has ordered the central probe agency to book Dr Rajesh and Nupur Talwar for the sensational murders.

In view of today’s revelations, the court seems to have based its judgement on the testimonies and circumstantial evidence that have been mentioned in the case diary.

The doctor couple would be tried under multiple Sections of the Indian Penal Code: 302 (murder), 120(B) (criminal conspiracy), 201 (destruction of evidence) and 34 (criminal act done by several persons in furtherance of common intention of all).

14-year-old Aarushi was found murdered with her throat slit in her parents` home at Jalvayu Vihar in Noida on May 16, 2008. The family`s domestic help Hemraj was found killed on the terrace of the flat the following day.

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