CD row gets ugly, Amar Singh attacks Bhushans

Amar Singh hit back at Shanti and Prashant Bhushan on the alleged fake CD episode and lodged a police complaint against them for distributing discs containing "tampered" conversations despite a Supreme Court stay.

New Delhi: Amar Singh on Monday hit
back at the father-son duo of Shanti and Prashant
Bhushan on the alleged fake CD episode and lodged a police
complaint against them for distributing discs containing
"tampered" conversations despite a Supreme Court stay.

He accused the Bhushans of implicating him in the
controversial CD case.

A day after Prashant Bhushan claimed "prima facie"
Amar Singh could be involved in the controversial CD
purportedly containing a conversation between senior Bhushan,
SP chief Mulayam Singh Yadav and Singh, Amar Singh went to the
IP Estate Police Station to file a complaint against the

In his two-page complaint, Singh claimed that despite
a stay by the apex court, they had distributed the CD
"containing illegally tapped and morphed/edited and tampered
conversations of mine, which are presently the subject matter
of a writ before the Supreme Court".

He said the the CDs being "distributed" by the
Bhushans were tampered/morphed/edited "possibly by Prashant
Bhushan in order to portray the statements made by Shanti
Bhushan in a better light to save his face".

Singh claimed that the father and son have
"apparently" made more than five different versions of the
said conversation in order to dilute the original

"In the original CD containing the illegally tapped
conversation, Shanti Bhushan states that his son Prashant
Bhushan files PILs to extort money as also imputes scandalous
allegations about the judiciary as also the erstwhile Law
Minister of India," Singh claimed in the complaint.

While submitting a copy each of the alleged four
different versions of the CD to the police, Singh demanded
that they be sent to a reputed national laboratory to verify
whether the conversation in the CDs is tampered or edited.

Singh said he believed that the conversation was not
only illegally tapped but has been tampered and morphed to
"bring disrepute to Mulayam Singh and I".

He also apprehended that some industrial houses and
also some persons inimically inclined towards him are seeking
to reap benefits from the discord arising from the
conversations being made public.

At a press conference later, Singh said that the
Bhushans were "habitual" contemnors as they had in the past
attacked Chief Justices KG Balakrishnan and SH Kapadia and
were now now making a song and dance filing a contempt
petition against him.

He sought to defend Congress General Secretary
Digvijay Singh for questioning a property purchased by the
Bhushans in Allahabad.

Singh claimed that the property worth Rs 25 crore was
bought for a mere Rs one lakh. The Bhushans have denied the
charge and had claimed that they had paid stamp duty much
higher than what the government had claimed.

Recalling a reported statement of Gandhian Anna Hazare
that people should step down from their posts if an allegation
is made, he said "more than mere allegations" have been made
against the Bhushans. He hinted that the two should quit the
Joint Drafting Committee formed to prepare the Lokpal Bill.

He said Agriculture Minister Sharad Pawar had stepped
down from the Group of Ministers set up to tackle corruption
after Hazare accused him of corruption.

"Then Maharashtra Chief Minister Ashok Chavan had to
step down after it was found that his mother-in-law had a
flat in Adarsh Housing Society," he said adding that he
respected the Gandhian.

He also demanded that Shanti Bhushan provide his voice
sample to clear the air relating to the controversial CD.

"Had I turned into a ghost to control his (Shanti
Bhushan`s) tongue to say whatever he had said in the
conversation," Singh said.

Singh also questioned the forensic report procured by
Prashant Bhushan claiming that the head of the test lab was a
close friend of the eminent lawyer.

"There is a great deal of doubt in the public mind
regarding this...he was sitting next to Prashant Bhushan at
the press conference yesterday," he said.

Singh also wrote separate letters to the Bhushans
seeking their clarification as to whether they had distributed
the CDs despite a Supreme Court ban.


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