Chandni Chowk to Chicago - all in Obama`s address

US Prez Barack Obama on Monday told Indians that America will stand "shoulder to shoulder" with them as they work hard for a better future, whether they are in the "bylanes of Chandni Chowk" or a "new high-rise in Bangalore".

New Delhi: US Prez Barack Obama on Monday
told Indians that America will stand "shoulder to shoulder"
with them as they work hard for a better future, whether
they are in the "bylanes of Chandni Chowk" or a "new high-rise
in Bangalore".

"We believe that no matter who you are or where you come
from, every person can fulfil their God-given potential, just
as a Dalit like Dr Ambedkar could lift himself up and pen the
words of the Constitution that protects the rights of all
Indians," said Obama said in his address to Parliament.

As Indians march ahead with their hard work, the US
President said, his country will not simply be cheering from
the sidelines but "we will be right there with you, shoulder
to shoulder, because we believe in the promise of India. And
we believe that the future is what we make it."

"We believe that no matter where you live -- whether a
village in Punjab or the bylanes of Chandni old
section of Kolkata or a new high-rise in Bangalore -- every
person deserves the same chance to live in security and
dignity, to get an education, to find work, and to give their
children a better future," the 49-year-old leader said.

Obama mentioned his "hero" Mahatma Gandhi 6 times and
India 61 times as he recalled the country`s contribution in
"shaping the world for thousands of years". In the same
context, he recalled Swami Vivekananda`s address in his
hometown of Chicago over a century ago.

"Instead of succumbing to division, you have shown that
the strength of India -- the very idea of India -- is its
embrace of all colours, castes and creeds. It`s the diversity
represented in this chamber today. It`s the richness of
faiths celebrated by a visitor to my hometown of Chicago more
than a century ago -- the renowned Swami Vivekananda," he


Satyam scam: Raju seeks more time to surrender (Nation-Oneliner)
New Delhi: Scam-tainted Satyam Computer founder B Ramalinga Raju has approached the Supreme Court seeking extension of time beyond November 10 to surrender.

The apex court had earlier cancelled Raju`s bail and directed him to surrender by November 10.

He has moved an application in this regard on account of
bad health and ongoing family settlement. His application is
not however saying anything on how much time he needs to
surrender. He has merely sought reasonable extension.

Raju`s plea would be heard tomorrow by a bench comprising
Justices Dalveer Bhandari and Deepak Verma.

Raju in January 2009 had adimitted to dressing up
company`s account books for years together, causing a big
corporate scam running into thousands of crores of rupees. The
case is being investigated by multiple agencies, including
the CBI.

On October 26 this year, on CBI`s plea the apex court had
cancelled bail granted to Raju, his brother Rama Raju, former
Satyam CFO V Srinivas and three other former IT company
employees G Ramakrishna, Venkatapathi Raju and Srisailam by
the Andhra Pradesh High court after observing that the fraud
eroded the "corporate credibility of the nation".

The high court had on August 18 allowed Raju`s bail on
the ground that all other accused in the case, including his
brother Rama Raju and others were granted bail by it.

"Ordinarily this Court would be slow in cancelling the
bail already granted by the High Court, but in extraordinary
facts and circumstances of these cases, we are of the
considered view that the impugned orders passed by the High
Court granting bail to the respondents, cannot be sustained in
law and the same are accordingly set aside," the apex court
had said while canceling Raju`s bail.

Raju was till recently undergoing in-patient treatment
for liver infection in a Hyderabad hospital.

"The accused are directed to surrender on or before
November 10, otherwise the CBI shall take appropriate steps in
accordance with law," the bench said.

CBI had filed the chargsheet running into over 10,000
pages, naming more than 250 witnesses. Charges have been
framed on October, 25 and trial is scheduled to commence with
effect from November, 2.

Raju was arrested on January 9 last year, two days after
he wrote a letter to the company Board admitting to fudging
the company`s books.