Chidambaram dismisses Jaitley charge on CBI autonomy as `premature`

Finance Minister P Chidambaram dismiss as "completely premature and ill-advised" charge by BJP`s Arun Jaitley that Cabinet`s decision on autonomy for CBI is "facical" and remedy "worse" than problem.

Updated: Jul 01, 2013, 21:13 PM IST

New Delhi: Finance Minister P Chidambaram on Monday dismissed as "completely premature and ill-advised" the charge by BJP leader Arun Jaitley that the Cabinet`s decision on greater autonomy for CBI is "facical" and a remedy "worse" than the problem.
Expressing surprise at the statement, Chidambaram said he should have waited for the Centre`s affidavit to be filed in the Supreme Court on July 3 before using such "strong" words like "farcical" on the government`s action in this regard.

Without getting into the contents of the affidavit to be filed in the Court, he made it clear that the government before granting autonomy to CBI intended to bring the issue in the form of a Bill in Parliament and that it is "not doing anything by bypassing Parliament".

"I am totally surprised by that statement. I think it is completely premature and ill-advised statement," Chidambaram told.

"Let the affidavit come and then you can tell us which part of the affidavit is farcical. Farce is a strong word. Which part is farcical?...Well, hard words break no bones," Chidambaram said responding to the statement by the Leader of the Opposition in Rajya Sabha.

Jaitley, in an article, had yesterday termed the Cabinet`s decision on CBI autonomy as a "camouflage" and said it creates an `illusion` by replacing political executive with its proxy institution and asked all to oppose the move.

"The recent decision of the Union Cabinet based on GOM recommendations is a camouflage. It creates an illusion by removing the political executive and creating a proxy institution instead. The government`s decision is a remedy worse than the existing problem," Jaitley said in the article.

Chidambaram said the affidavit to be filed in the court sets out the intentions of the government on what it plans to do on the issue.3

"But we have made it very clear that it has to eventually become a Bill. It has to go to Parliament. It has to go through a Parliamentary Standing Committee. It has to come back to Parliament and only Parliament can amend the law.

"I`m sure, Mr Jaitley and his friends will continue to remain in Parliament when the Bill comes up and they can make their suggestions there. We are not doing anything by bypassing Parliament.