China poses security challenge to India: Joshi

BJP leader Murli Manohar Joshi on Thursday lashed out at the Centre for not been able to build strong logistics on the frontier.

Guwahati: Warning that China was posing a
threat to India`s security by deploying nuclear missiles close
to the Sino-Indian border, BJP leader Murli Manohar Joshi
on Thursday lashed out at the Centre for not been able to build
strong logistics on the frontier.

"China is a challenge to India. Chinese preparations on
the other side of the border throw a challenge to Indian
development efforts in its frontiers," Joshi told reporters
"China has surrounded India from three sides. Along the
northern border, the Chinese air and land forces are well
equipped with hardware and capable of launching even nuclear
missiles," the former union minister said.

The northern and the north-east flanks specially are
unsafe and highly insecure. In the northeast, the defence
programme and infrastructure facilities are not up to the
mark, he said.

"I have seen that the national highways connecting the
north-eastern region from the defence point of view are not
good with some of them being in shambles.

"In the northern border China has already occupied large
parts of the Siachin. Chinese forces come and make their
presence felt in Ladakh and now in Pak Occupied Kashmir
(POK)," Joshi said.

Their forces stay in POK. This is a serious threat to
the northern border. Besides, China obtains rights to use
Gwadar seaport in Pakistan and is able to reach out to the
Arabian Sea coast, he said.

Joshi said the Centre had not been able to provide strong
logistics for safety and security of the country.

"I demand that the government come out before Parliament
about the level of preparedness on the borders. The government
must assure the people that it is taking adequate steps for
the country`s safety and security," the BJP leader said.
The BJP MP said, "China has also invested huge amount of
money for a seaport in the southern corner of Sri Lanka and,
thereby make its presence felt in the Indian Ocean.

"China recently objected to Indian presence along Vietnam
sea ports and also does not want us to take part in the oil
explorations there. They have also stopped Indian ships from
reaching there."

Joshi said the country "must learn from past experiences
about Chinese designs in these areas. No stone should be left
unturned for development and security".

The urgent task is to step up development activities on a
war footing in Arunachal Pradesh, Assam and other north
eastern states, he said.

To a query on whether the country`s defence budget was
adequate for ensuring its safety and security, he said the
government must find out whether it was sufficient for a
good naval force and coast guards, effective armed and air
forces with equipment.

"A scientific analysis has to be made of the weaknesses
and then fill up the gaps."


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